Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bit to bitless: Will my horse stop?

Here is a little video of a bit to bitless challenge so you can see that all horses, all sizes, temperaments and breeds can go bitless. To see even more bit to bitless challenges check out Zoe's Youtube channel. If you do a bit to bitless challenge please do take a video and send me the link, I will feature it and your blog here!


Jen said...

Great video - I actually watched it last week on their site when I was investigating bitless bridles (from here, actually). I have fantasies about swapping all of our guys over to them, and starting the new ones bitless. Unfortunately they're a bit (haha) beyond our reach right now monetarily; but we're hoping we can get there one day :o)

Jen said...

That was great - I actually watched it on their site last week. I was poking around investigating bitless bridles (I have fantasies about swapping all of our guys over to bitless and starting the new ones with it too). Unfortunately they're way out of our reach right now, but we're ever hopeful! :o)

Jen said...

*HIC* 'Scuse, that was weird. The first one poofed, so I typed it again and when I did the second one the first one showed up.
You are now entering... The Twilight Zone

Carroll Farm said...

Great video. My hub and I have already started going lighter on all their bits - possibly some day to be bitless

Sydney_bitless said...

Thats wonderful. I hope by people reading this blog they understand a little more about bits.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well, it kind of bothered me how the girl kept slapping her horse in reward for stopping. Oh well.

I can attest to the fact that a bitless bridle will stop a horse just as easy, if not only less harsh and shocking for the horse.

When Baby Doll bolted full force after a pack of loose dogs were running up behind us, and a duo of crazy geldings were galloping along the fence in response to the looose dogs, all I had to do when we went into flight, was a one rein emergency stop with my bitless bridle and she stopped immediately.

I think if I had been using a bit, it may have actually hurt and alarmed my horse and she may have tried to rear or even throw her her head up, which she did quite often.

And of course, the bitless bridle stopped my horse on just basic riding, too.

I really want to try a bitless bridle on Apache. I know she will love it so much. She barely needs a bit as it is, even though I'm only using a french link bit now.

I'm just not all that pleased with some of the results of the Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle I have, and I don't want her to be uncomfortable in it.

I'll have to save up and maybe later this year, I can give Apache her own Nurtural Bridle. I bet she will be in nirvana!


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