Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh snap toto, we aren't in Kansas anymore

Nope, certainly not Kansas.

Our seemingly severe weather free county has been hit by several F1 tornadoes. This would explain my absence on several blogs as the power was out for two days and a bit. All those who are waiting for their horse hair commissions from me I will be sending images of the finished products asap and shipping hopefully Friday. I do apologize for this unpredictable weather and the slow speed that I have to work at.

Tornadoes? Here? Really? What the heck was I missing? Oh yeah, a lot I was in the city that night.
The village out here got hit bad. The tornadoes seemed to go along the lake and town just got crazy wind. Luckily not one person was killed or injured seriously. A lot of trees, just as many power lines down and quite the few barns. The amazing thing is to the right of this picture (my friend was taking pictures with my point and shoot as I drove by) there was this pole barn at pooks (he sells tractors etc) was pretty new. It picked it up and tossed it clear across the field but left all the tractors, combines and a large number of light, empty totes in tact. But it took the metal pole barn out and the white barn in the picture above. Their place got hit hard before the twister went across country and hit a few more farms.

Anyway I was in the city at my friends place. It rained and rained there getting close to 3 inches in a matter of a couple of hours. Basements flooded, stores were soaked as cars drove by and sent a tidal wave of water from the puddles crashing underneath their doors. We got the storm.

I didn't even know it had happened. I was in the city and knew it had rained but then I get this call at quarter to 6 that morning from my friend telling me the show I was supposed to scribe at that day was canceled. I think I rattled off a happy "awesome, I get to sleep in" and fell back asleep for another half an hour before my mom called. She told me the whole story and the large amounts of damage that was done. The first thing I asked was if the horses were ok and they were. The tornadoes missed the farm by a couple miles. We also did not have power. No power, psh thats alright, right?

Well not apparently when yesterday after not having power for 2 days I had to take a stinking cold shower. You can bet I was in and out of there sooo fast. Most miserable shower of my life.

All I could hear was generators and chainsaws. I still hear chainsaws.
Two towns over the tornado wreaked havoc again totally demolishing a whole park and a lot of businesses and houses. They weren't even letting anyone into the town the last two days.

Why is this a big deal? We never get bad weather like this. I know this weather is not bad compared to other places like Ohio, where people were killed from tornadoes. The last 5 or so years we have had a few small twisters taking out a roof of a barn, a few trees and a house or some lawn furniture. Before that it was the 80's when we had twisters of any notable size last.

We are in for some strange weather this year I am thinking. Who else has had some weird weather?


Cathy Clementz said...

The weather really has been strange no matter where you are at. Glad you and your property are OK...other than a darn cold shower!

Crystal said...

yikes a cold shower! you are brave to try that one.
We are having weird weather as in cold and rainy which is very unusual for here, we are usually hot and dry. But certanly nothing like tornados.

JeniQ said...

Cold showers SUCK!!!!

Strange weather yes... we are stupid hot - 90's with high humidity. The kind where horses sweat standing...

Nothing severe down here in cincy - but I know Toledo area got hit very hard.

Dreaming said...

Wow...what scary pictures. I'm glad you were safe in the city and glad no one was hurt.
We had temps in the high 80's yesterday, and only got to the 60's until after noon today. Crazy!

Paint Girl said...

Tornado's scare the crap outta me!! Thankfully no one was hurt and all the horses are okay!
We have had some seriously strange weather, besides all the rain, we have had a lot of wind storms. Also last week we had a city about 25 miles east of us get funnel clouds, many of them. That is not normal here. If they would have touched ground, they would have been tornado's, which we just don't get here!
We had one nice day today, and it just now started raining again. I am thinking that my horses will be living in mud until July, which is also not normal! Blah!

juliette said...

Glad you are all ok - other than the cold shower. Thinking good thoughts for you. What a scary time- your photos alone are enough to make me shudder. Those poor people with those barns.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

whoa..crazy. We too in Michigan (thankfully not by me or Laz) got hit HARD by tornadoes..scary scary.
Hey, I'm thinking of buying Laz a bitless bridle and I like the one u use but so $$, do they ever have sales? Or do u know of where they are sold for less? Just in case I buy it and he doesn't take to it, etc.
Thanks !!!

Rising Rainbow said...

Very scary stuff, those tornados. Glad you are safe.

gtyyup said...

Crazy indeed...glad to know you're all OK Sydney. It's been a bit weird here too with the "downburst" (actually a tornado but officials won't admit it) and the snow storm. We've yet to go over 72 degrees this spring...very odd.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Crazy stuff!

Funny that you're complaining about taking cold showers when that's all I've been doing down here. It's stinkin' hot!

We don't typically have temps above 90F degrees all summer long up here in our mountains. We stay between 70-89 tops!

But this last week, our temps have been 98F degrees! We don't even have A/C, so we've been roasting.

Of course, the folks just below in Albuquerque have been sweating through stifling triple digits.

But those cold showers sure do feel good!


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