Monday, October 11, 2010

Do you know what time it almost is?

It's fall for sure (boo, come back summer!) This means winter is on it's way (BOOOOOO!!) It's also Canadian thanksgiving.
I am thankful for a large, extended family, all sorts of loving and caring friends, horses, boots, work, being able to fix my computer...Wait where was I? OH! and food. Oh boy was there food.

But mostly every thanksgiving (Cause we are in Canadaland here eh?) everyone whos anyone goes to Wheatley provincial park for the week/weekend.
It has to be good, you have book these campsites in May. Oh and you can't just do one day either it's gotta be like Tuesday till Sunday deal that you have a site for.

Why all week? Well the last weekend of camping at Wheatley is always the Canadian thanksgiving weekend so they have Halloween. Halloween is crazy. Theres kids and adults running in every direction in all sorts of costumes. People popping out of bushes, dropping ghosts on your heads, dressing up their campsites and handing out candy and jello shots. (those are fake teeth by the way, Barry is actually a dentist) Lets just say it's worth it.

Most of all there's costumes. Have I ever mentioned how much I absolutely loooooove Halloween? Yeah, halloween is coming it's probably my most favorite non-holiday, holiday.
I dress up every year. I am a pirate this year. I made my whole costume, especially my hat. It's my favorite piece and I sacrificed a feather duster in honor of it needing good plumage. I mean not like feather dusters are good for anything anyway other than using their pretty large feathers for artsy creations. Right?

I also paint faces. More faces than I can count usually. Sometimes I re-do faces several times. For instance, Noah.
Army man Saturday night.

Darth Maul Sunday.

I think I might end up with carpal tunnel. At the very least my hands will be stained all the mixed colours of the rainbow.

Of course my nephew Zach and his friend Tyler were tweedle dee and tweedle dum from alice in wonderland. Tylers little sister was Alice. They were too busy goofind around to stop for pictures.

Ok, well almost.

The real star of the show was Seth. He was dead set on wanting to be the mad hatter. The problem is, where does one find a mad hatter costume? My mothers sewing table of course.

My mother single handedly made and collected every part of this costume. Especially the hat. I mean it wouldn't be the mad hatter without a really good hat now would it. She worked for a long time on that hat and I have to say it's really neat. Seth, I mean the mad hatter had more pictures taken of him that day than I think he has his whole life.

Then once night fell the real fun began. We turned our backs for what seemed like a second and there was a crowd of people around our campsites lightshow. That was not what they were watching. A young guy came up and was dancing, move for move to Michael Jackson's Thriller, backed up by the synchronized to the song, blinking light show. Everyone stopped to watch and before we knew it there were 30+ people standing around watching this guy. He received a standing ovation in the end and even hung around for an encore.

The next day we geared up in our turkey pants (buttons open) and also did some hiking to the beach. Kids + beach= sand will be thrown, dumped and people/things will be buried.

Poor Noah, never stood a chance. Neither did my sisters plight to keep her three boys clean. Oh well.

What a weekend, now I think I will get ready for next weekend. Zombie walk anyone?


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Those are some great costumes! I'm very impressed with your talent in face painting and sewing- just like your mother. I LOVE the Mad Hatter!!

PS- Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Sydney_bitless said...

I can paint but I can't sew. At least not like with a machine.

Jessie McCandless said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Wow, those are some awesome costumes! Looks like a lot of fun :)

Sarah Golden said...

Those costumees for Alice in Wonderland are great!

Lets do the make-up for Zombie walk at my place? :D We need to get our hands on some liquid latex and cotton balls, cause those are the best wounds.

Crystal said...

Wow those were awesome costumes, i love to dress up, but am never inventive ehough to think of something really good.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Looks like a fun time. The Mad Hatter is great! Wish you were here for Halloween, so you could help paint my face as a leopard.


Rising Rainbow said...

Hats off to your mother, no pun intended, that is some costume. She did a great job and your face painting is pretty cool. Looks like you all had a great time.

lisa said...

That mad hatter was great! My daughter would love to see that!

Susan said...

You guys are really creative. It's really cool you all take the time to use it for play.

juliette said...

Sorry I missed this post! Happy belated Thanksgiving. You sure know how to combine holidays! And and your mother are amazing in the costume making department.

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