Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So what is it.

Well since no one actually got it. I'll tell you.

Yes it's a type of french braid. A french braid refers to adding hair to the strands you are braiding each time you cross them over, both left and right sides.

It can also be a running braid but alas it is not. A a running braid refers to a tight braid along the crest that you only add mane on the top so it hangs down a little off the crest (which can vary depending on breed standards or the horse but mostly the person braiding it)

French braid.

diamond braided mane

Running braid. See the difference? In the running braid I added hair only to the right strand when I crossed it under since this is a "dutch " or underhand braid. It can be tight to the crest too but this one was not and was the only example close up.

However since yesterdays braid was not your traditional french, dutch or otherwise three strand braid it only has to be...

A diamond braid or four strand round braid.
Difficult to do on four strings alone with the added difficulty of adding extra hair to put it into a mane. It takes me almost twice as long to do this compared to a regular three strand.
Lets just say Indigo is the most patient horse ever.

Really, no more pictures.


Please. No more.

indigo diamond braided mane

FINE! One last one.

indigo braided.

Note at this point I was standing about 15 feet away as Indigo stood in the driveway with no one holding her. She tried oh so hard to resist sneaking over to the grass. Telephoto lenses, good most of the time.

Of course it would not be complete without doing the tail too!

Why what a nice spotty bum you have there girl.

diamond braided tail

And a view from the side, much different from your regular three strand french braid in the tail.

diamond braided tail

So there you have it, a new braid to the braids in a horses mane and tail collection. What will I whip up next? Well it involves five strands and my hand cramped a lot today after I was done.


Jen said...

Pretty braids! I need to start piddling around with that on the girls; they have fairly long manes. Love the tail :o)

Jeni said...

Gorgeous braids ! Indigo is such a good girl!

Rachel said...

For the past 2 summers, my mare has pulled her hair out while in the pasture... leaving big clumps missing from her mane. I sooooo wanna braid her but it takes forever to grow out! Your braid work is fantastic!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! I love that tail braid. Looks like the tail is within a cage that way. Cool! I enjoy braiding tails, but typically do a simple three string braid.

It must be great to have such a patient equine to practice on, eh? Apache will only stand still if she is busy eating. lol!


Fantastyk Voyager said...

How did I miss this post? I learned how to braid the tail like that before I could ever do a mane. It's so easy and fun to do! I usually tuck the end up into the tail so it doesn't show.
I have never braided a hunter's mane with the little knots but I can do that French braid on the mane. I usually braid it a little longer than you show but not as long as the running braid.
Another very cool braid looks like a checkerboard. What is that called?

roxflop said...

Wow- I love it! could you please tell me how to exactly did it?!

I know it's an old post but still!


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