Friday, March 27, 2009


Wow it's been an extremely long week. I have been writing a very large paper (which still isn't done by the way) and haven't had time to do anything but work and write and work and write with minimal time for my own horses.

Oh speaking of horses, or on the smaller scale, ponies. I realized I have never mentioned mr.pony! Hes such a great little guy I love him to death. He is ever so conscious of your emotions and tries ever so hard to please. Once you teach him something he will do it perfect every time. I swear I have never met another like him. I wish he was a horse he would make an amazing trail horse. He is practically fearless because he trusts me so much. He rarely spooks but he does jump the telephone shadows on the road! lol silly pony.

See I started working with him about 4 or so years ago. He was a stallion (that shouldn't have been) with no training and could barely lead. He was very curious however. He liked to watch you work and see what you were about. He was also very flighty and unsure of people. One wrong move would send his head to the clouds and trapping him meant he would try and scale any fence or wall to try and get away. Did I mention this little bugger can jump? Oh man can he. For instance if you set up a jump he will gallop around at mach 10 and by himself, clear that stinking jump by at least a foot or two.

He has the cutest little trot. Well it's fast. His canter is choppy and fast but he was born for trottin. He is a hackney X welsh, pink papered pony.
Last year after finally getting a suitable cart for him I broke him to harness. Hes so much fun to drive. You just point in the direction, tell him what speed and away he goes until you tell him to do otherwise. I don't have many pictures of him on my computer. Why? I dunno. I should take more pictures often but heres one of his first driving show last year, in which we smoked the competition. I knew the judge, I show with her she asked me "How come you aren't driving Suzy?" I said cause "I was training pony". She says "Oh yeah? How long you been driving him?" I exclaimed "Oh this is his 10th or 15th time with a cart behind him" her jaw just dropped. Hes an amazing little guy. I can't wait to start showing him again.

Oh and tricks. Did I mention he can do tricks? I love teaching horses tricks. He knows how to bow, pick up things and touch targets I point him to. If there are carrot slices involved this bugger tries 10 times harder than his usual 120% zeal. Hes so fuzzy right now he looks like a hairy, mud caked bear. He loves to roll. Ahh ponies!

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