Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I write too much. I think I might be ADHD or something because theres so many thoughts a swirling about my head I can hardly write half of them down before I forget.

But this week I have a very large university paper to write. It's on equine recurrent uveitis. Those of you who have had a horse with this condition know it's not age, gender or breed specific though appaloosas have a higher incidence of it. It's still not mapped on the equine genome project so it makes my subject a difficult one. Why would I pick a difficult subject? Maybe I am a glutton for punishment. Just like my horses, I love the challenge.

So when I get this ^$%#@*!!! paper done I will post it. I will also start braiding the hat band I have had the hair from for over a week. I gotta get that done and send it away to it's owner soon. I promise, I will take pictures before it gets shipped off.

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The Wife said...

Good luck with your paper! I so don't miss writing papers!

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