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Horse bloggers meme

Ahh sorry no posts. I have been so busy. Bad me, bad!

Memes are a fun way to get the creative juices flowing.
This is my blog version of the horse meme I made on deviant art. I would love if you would do that one too. Even if you don't have a deviant art account you can do it. Make sure you tell me and link me to it when it's done.
Anyway I hope this will get some interesting stories going. You don't have to have a horse for this, you can use any story. So really it's a horse enthusiasts meme! You can go out right now and take new pics or use old ones. Lord knows I have a billion pictures of my horse.

Horse bloggers meme

So we all love horses. First of all give us the name, age, gender, breed, height and markings of one of your horses. This can be a horse you ride, a horse you own or one you owned.

Name: Indigo
Age: 17, acts 3
Gender: Mare
Breed: Arabian X Quarterhorse
Height: about 15 hands.
Markings: Since shes grey her markings have shedded. She used to have a big blaze and four white socks. Now she only has what is called a "blood mark" on the right side of her neck. A blood mark is a concentration of fleabite spots that may or may not get bigger as the horse ages.

We need a visual of that horse. How about a picture standing still and a little description or story to go with it.

Here Indigo is standing by the silo after a bath. It was one of the hottest days of the summer and I wanted to get pictures of her rolling in the dirt so I bathed her. Well she didn't roll but she stood around looking all smart.

Now that we have seen a pic how about one of clip clop being ridden. Tell us about the picture.

Here is Indigo being ridden english in the command class in her first show. Sure she was 16 in this pic but she was always ridden on trails or in parades, never in shows. She has this thing where horses can look at her, but not touch. This other absolutely adorable fleabittengrey gelding was in love with her. He would try and touch her every time we stood near him. That explains the really angry look on her face. She did really good that day minus the HUGE buck she threw in the very over crowded flat work part of hunter hack as a boy and his out of control horse galloped by us without warning.
She also does western and I taught her how to drive, which she quite enjoys.

Show us a head shot and a short story of a time with your horse. Doesn't have to be related to the picture.

I've only fallen off Indigo twice and both times I was riding bareback in the same field. The first time it was an early fall day. I was still wearing a t-shirt and I actually just got the bridle in that picture. Zoe needed a model and Indigo was perfect. It looks so good on her. Anyway I was ploddin along and I see this thing waving around in the neighbors field. So being me I decide to go closer. I noticed it was two half deflated and no longer buoyant helium balloons. Indigo didn't balk at walking up or so much as give a snort at it. I got where she was just about standing on top of it and it moved a little and she did her famous spin and stare at the balloons. I went tumbling, landed on my feet (still hanging on to the reins as usual) lost my balance and landed on my butt in the dirt. By this time Indigo got over the fact the ballons were no more than plastic. To be sure I picked them up, rubbed them on her like I would anything else she was unsure of. She didn't care. Since they were both attached to the same string I put them over her withers, one ballon on each side of her and rode home. She would turn back every once and a wile to look at the one but other than that she could have cared less lol!

Horse have any bad habits?

She begs...and begs and usually gets what she wants around that second beg. She is the only horse I hand feed.

Oh, and hurting herself. Shit she hurts herself sooooo much *knock on wood*

A picture of your horse in action (ridden or not)
Five things your horse likes
1. Cookies. Thats just a given. She is a lap horse for cookies (or wants to be)
2. Sneaking around. She honestly is the quietest horse I have ever met. She can creep into the barn door when I forget to shut it tight at feeding time and I won't hear her. What I will hear is Sheba, her buddy following her into the barn 5 minutes after she actually snuck in and has been snooping around.
3. Being groomed. She just plain falls asleep.
4. Water. Oh man this horse looooves water.
5. Being allowed to ride on a loose rein. Will explain more in dislikes.

Five things your horse dislikes
1. Cats. I have no effin clue why but she attempts to bite a cat every time I have one in my arms. If she resists the urge to bite the cat she makes the most sour face until the cat is gone.
2. Being petted on the nose. Her muzzle is really sensitive and she hates it. She will put her head really high and try to lick your hand instead or just turn her head away.
3. Having too little rein. She is a horse that likes to ride on a very loose rein. If you want her collected you have to ask her to do so from the hind end up. If you are all up in her face with contact she does stupid things like spooking at stuff she normally wouldn't and she does this funny strike out when she gets frustrated and sees the need to express her pent up energy. Only when you ride with contact though. It's an Indigo thing you would have to see her do it.
4. Being cornered by other horses. She makes sure shes out of the corners as fast as she can be when another horse comes around.
5. Sheba coming over for attention when I am in the barnyard. She is greedy but also knows that I protect her from getting pushed around by Sheba when I am in the barnyard.

Random picture of your horse and the story behind it.

I gave her a HUGE apple. She licked her lips for 10 minutes after wiping most of the apple froth on the only white part of my jacket. Ugh, but I love her so.

A picture of when you first got your horse.

I was looking for another pic from the first time I rode her but I can't seem to find it. For another day. This was the day after I got her. If she would turn to the other side you would see that she got the living shit beat out of her over night. Poor girl.

Give your horse a kiss and tag a few friends

I know I am short on time so I tag whoever reads this. It is great fun and a good way to get to display pictures you wouldn't otherwise use. Feel free to add another category if you want. Make sure to link me to your blog I would love to see your horse memes.

And in doing this I am reminded about all the things and fun times I have had and will have with Indigo.


The Wife said...

Very cute. I especially like the tongue picture!

Sydney said...

It took me about 15 pictures to get that one tongue.

Mellimaus said...

I did it!

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