Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It was all good

Until it went to hell in a hand basket.

So I'll start with my wonderful 3 day vacation.

We are greeted by two HUGE newfoundland dogs, keiva and Keela. They slobber all over us and then the owners of the farm come out. We can see the horses lazing around out back on the gorgeous property.

It was kind of late afternoon when we got there so we relaxed and visited with the horses and then had supper. What a wonderful place.
Pictured is Thor the black in the foreground, Zeus, the grey and the other black is Duchess. They are three percherons.

Then we settled in for the night only to be periodically disturbed by THE FATTEST cat in the world sauntering across my back. Waffle is her name. She is a fatty! She sneaks down and eats the dogs food during the night I suspect.

Woke up nice and early the next day to go on a tour of the property. Horses, trails, streams, beavers, otters, an airstrip. How cool!

Here are a few of the "wilderness" pictures that I thought about taking. Horses just make a better subject.

I know you are all thinking I am insane. I go from someplace that has snow to a place that has more snow. It's a different cold up there I am telling you. Back home I would have been bundled up instead of taking a 3 hour hike to their air strip. Yeah airstrip. They have a plane but it's in the shop. How cool is that!?

Anyway on to the good stuff. Dallas!!! Oh I love this boy.

He just melted into my scritches just like he did at home. There is no doubt that horses remember you. He sure did, he lined up and looked to be scratched.

There were the other horses there too! Zeus(grey) and Thor(black) are late twenties team of percherons. They are from a draft rescue here in Ontario. Talk about gentle giants. From being driven together for so long they always stand this way. They were driven as a team together since they were 2 and 4 years old.
This is Dutchess. I rode her on our trail ride up the road, which I didn't get any pics but it was wonderful! I've ridden percherons before and she was just like them, gentle, quiet, BIG. I had to use a step ladder to climb her and I am not a little shorty either. She caught her one eyelid on something and has had 3 surgeries on it. She is fine now but ick it can look gross. Pretty girl I want to take her home for a trail riding horse. As if I don't have enough horses to ride now lol!

Oh in Dutchess' picture there you can see the round bales there. About a year ago where that cement slab is there was a wonderful barn. Unfortunately the barn burnt down. The couple who own the place put so much into it and re-built it and it burnt. Sad, sad. So they are going to re-build but I seen pictures of the old barn and it was wonderful. They are very lucky even though it was winter the horses were outside and everything seemed to work in their favor for getting that barn fire out. No horses were lost but all tack and equipment and hay etc. anyway

Breo the little percheron something cross. Her mother was a rescue and also died a wile back. She is about 4.
Oops, it's blurry. She moves a lot and invades your space. A real spoiled pasture pet but a very good girl non the less.

And Anna the previously "crazy" thoroughbred mare. It's amazing what a little 24/7 turnout can do for a "crazy" horse. She was walking slower than the percheron I was riding on our trail ride.
She was being a ham.

Anyway so it was time to leave. I didn't get any pics of the trail ride but I assure you, it was gorgeous and wonderful and warm. The weather is different there. I was in a sweatshirt even though there was snow and the snow wasn't melting. No humidity.

Went to Pleasant ridge on the way home. My favorite tack store. I got a new buggy whip for shows that is the proper length and a book by Carole Fletcher called "trickonometry" oh I can't wait. Great fun!

Anyway I get home and I am real excited to go get my dog from my sisters and as I walk into the door of her house I hear my dog screaming and yiking and carrying on. My sister wheels open the door and tries to throw my dog into the Garage and she gets her toes caught under the lip a the door and starts howling in pain. I am yelling cause my sister is yelling and she is yelling because my dog, Savanah tried to snap at my nephews friend, who is good with dogs.

The sister tried to act like it was all my fault and yelled and screamed (even though she yelled "I AM NOT YELLING AT YOU!!!" right...) and basically killed my happy weekend high in two seconds flat. Meanwhile my dog is scared and in pain and her poor toes ended up swollen that night. I feel horrible

This isn't the first time my dog has snapped. She has NEVER done it to my nephews or kids. They dress her up and play with her all the time and she sits still as a sature. She has never so much as raised her lips at them. She has bitten me once and my mother once for trying to take a piece of pizza from her. As her owner I feel responsible for her. I am either going to have to get someone that can teach me to teach her how to not bite or I am going to have to euthanise her. It's my responsibility.

I don't know if I can handle having to put another pet to sleep this soon. Naigen was hard enough but this dog has slept with me for the past 5 years, in my bed and been my buddy and my puppy girl. Shes so damn smart.

What am I going to do?


Stephanie said...

With Vannah, it's more of a case of the others, it's just her defending herself when she was snapping at your nephew's friend, it sounds like.

If I were being yelled at and thrown around, I'd be biting back, no snapping. What was going on wiht your sister and Vannah? =\

The Wife said...

Well it sounded like the trip was good just not the return. From what you described, your dog doesn't seem to be aggressive by nature. I would seriously look into other possibilities in dealing with her behavior.

Sydney said...

Shes not aggressive. Shes very dominant by nature and I believe she doesn't get the leadership from me she needs. I am going to deal with it. However since coming back from my sisters she has been depressed. She won't eat and just sleeps all day. I try and get her to play with me but she has a very short attention span for that, which is unusual.

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