Monday, March 30, 2009

The pooch

Walk you say!?

Oh, you just wanted to take pictures of me. How disappointing.

Such a hard life I have. You know I can't eat many meats and never any wheat. I have bad allergies. I scratch my head off. My girl though I had a mad case of fleas when I was a puppy, but couldn't find a single one. I am now on very special, expensive food made with whitefish and sweet potato.

I do really weird things sometimes.
It's ok cause I am so damn cute. I find a way to get around everything they try and prevent me from doing. Thats how smart I am. Damn smart. I should have a PhD in outsmarting humans. I always come up with something new to do that drives my humans insane.
I've even pushed a chair to the counter once to get a sandwich. All by myself. Then they moved the chair so I started to pick the jacket pockets on the back of the chairs. I like to find lots of stuff to chew or run around with in pockets. My favorite is lipstick. Cap on thanks. I hold it in my mouth and trot around the house all smart like. Then I get put in my crate for being a bad dog.
They say I have enough toys. I don't think a whole doggie bed full is enough.

But my most favorite thing to do is watch the fan. See you gotta watch it all the time or it might move. Very carefully watch it.

Waaattcchhh ittttt.....

Then I bark my head off and spin in circles at it, most of the time even if it's not moving. Explain that one Caesar Milan.

I am a sucker for my girls scritches.

My belly.

My ears, ooooh thats the spot.

Right by my tail.

I groan really loud when you get just the right spot.

Of course I am full of hyperactive energy. I hear this word ADHD all the time, what does it mean?

After all this is done I have any bed, couch, sweater, warm blanket and sometimes the folded laundry in the laundry basket to fur. If it is clean, it will be furred, rule NO 1 of a shedding dog.

I think I'll take another nap on this clean blanket.


Dusty Devoe said...

How cute! Don't you just love them!

Sydney said...

Sometimes. Right now she is barking at the top of her lungs because there's kids walking down the road to their bus stop.

The Wife said...

You are such a little cutie pie. You must have your human wrapped around your little finger!

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