Friday, June 5, 2009


So much fun. So far I have lots of pictures of one of the local wineries, a lot of Canadian geese (I almost got mauled by a few too) a muskrat, some of my horses and a bellydancing thing going on of my friends.

Of course I did some around home. My mother is a good a gardener as she is a cook.

Click on image for full view please! Or you can see it here on my deviant art

Forget me not's. They symbolize many things for her like her best friend and farrier Souix who died a couple years ago.
Poppys always bloom in the back garden. They try and take over.

Spring sure is pretty, so is having a brand new camera =D


The Wife said...

Your mother has beautiful flowers! Awesome pics with that new camera!

HorseOfCourse said...

Hi Sydney!
Just wanted to say thank you for your recommendation on the sidepull.
I bought one today, and had a training session with my horse. It was almost like riding on a snaffle.
I am very happy!
Once again, thanks a lot for your help!

Sydney said...

Wife: Thanks. These aren't even half. I showed her the pictures last night shes like YOU MISSED X____ and X____ flower. For today.

Horse of course: Awesome! I am so glad you found a good bitless option for your horse.

Jo said...

That camera is soo awesome! I hope your having a great time with the ladies!

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