Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun day!

I had a very eventful day.

I got up at 7 am, fed the horses and ran to work. Fed and cleaned the horses there, turned them out and then ran back home to shower.

Since you now need a passport getting into the US when we finally did get to the border the border patrol was a total f****** A******!!!!

Oh my gosh! He was a total dick. He made a really, really rude stab at my country. A country of which I happen to be a citizen of. Since you can get away without a passport until about the end of summer he says to me "Our law here says you need to have a passport" I explained it was in the mail since passport Canada has been totally bonkers with applications, they closed their online application. Since I do have dual citizenship I didn't think it would be a total freak out, the 4th day of the law enforcement.
Anyway I am border patrol hear me roar guy goes on to say, I kid you not "In the USA not having a passport is against the law. You can get away with law breaking in your country but not here"

Excuse me??

If he wouldn't have turned us around right there and refused to let me enter I would have given him a piece of my mind. I really, really wanted my camera though. I held my tongue. Oh so hard for hard.

Anyway we get into the US after about an hour we all settled down and went to Subway and then to a cool craft shop! I got some cool cowboy conchos, you'll hear about those later. Oh and a ton of beads. We spent 4 hours in that store! My mom, my aunt, my moms friend and I. I got a lot of beads made out of bone.

Sheesh, me 1, bank account-...well lets just say it's minus a lot right now lol.

Finally we got to my other aunts. Lets just say I couldn't wait to play with my camera, but we had to go out for dinner.

COME ON!! I JUST WANT MY CAMERA TO PLAY WITH D: < onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">Thats just me pointing the camera at her too. I didn't even know what it was gonna turn out like. Sleep time for me and a long day tomorrow.


HorseOfCourse said...

Hi Sydney!

As it seems like I have to be riding without a bit for a while since my horse has a damaged tooth, I am wondering if you could help me with some info or suggestions?

What I am looking for is an alternative which I can do dressage riding with, and something that (hopefully) won't give me any disadvantages compared to riding on a snaffle.
So I am looking for a solution that will:
- give a good "feel" i.e. functions well with small signals, and also has a good release
- lateral signals must also work well
- the horse must be able to take a contact, and in that position it must be comfortable to the horse.

What I have tried out:
- mechanical hackamore. I don't believe this is a good option as the lateral signals don't work well, and it is not easy to ride with a contact. The horse comes easy behind the vertical.
- Bitless bridle type Dr. Cook, or crossover. It is a better alternative, but the release does not work well and my horse got chafed under her chin from the crossing straps.

One option that might be an alternative is a sidepull, but I have never tried it and I don't know anyone who has.
I am a bit worried about how it will work. Will the horse take contact on it? And if so, what kind of contact will I get? Will it be like with the hackamore that if the horse takes contact it is uncomfortable, and thereby invites the horse to work behind the vertical? Hm.

I have also found another option on the internet: the LG-bridle.
The comments I have read have been positive.
What I like (looking at the pictures) is that it seems to be lying in a stable position, doesn't seem to be a severe bit, and it seems as if your lateral signals might function well as well as a release. And you have a possibility to adjust the function of it depending on where you attach your reins.
All in all it looks like I might have most of the functions I am looking for.

Do you have any comments/suggestions when it comes to bitless solutions?
I am very grateful for any input!

Sydney said...

What a great choice for your horse. I applaud you for doing the kind thing to your equine friend =D

Oh bitless dressage, have you ever checked out you can compete for real rosettes and money with people all over the world.

A mechanical hackamore, I don't care what anyone says is not a kind bridle. See when you have a curb chain and shanks/leverage that curb chain sits on a nerve in the trigeminal nerve branch called the "mental" nerve. It's right under the chin. Depending on the amount of leverage the shanks create and the type of chain/strap being used it can roughly amplify your pounds of pressure you pull by 10 to 20 times! Ouch. No matter how kind you are it's very hard not to press on this nerve in this manner.
That is such a common problem with most cross under bitless bridles. This is why the Nurtural bridle was created. The straps stay in place and horses cannot lean on the noseband and it fits the horses head a lot better to prevent chafing like you explained. The cross under bitless was created in the early 1900's but just in the last 10-15 years become around and popular.
I'm going to be having a few contests shortly. Stick around theres a couple bitless bridles involved ;)
Sidepulls are great. I used to ride in a sidepull all the time on the trail a few years ago. They are kind but unfortunately they do not provide as precise cues for dressage that you might want. However if worked on it you can do all this without a bit. It's totally up to the riders ability and the horses interest in the job. Since you are riding english look for a "jumping sidepull" or jumping hackamore. It's actually not a hackamore at all, it's a sidepull. See here
The LG bridle is basically a mechanical hackamore. It works on nose and curb chain pressure just like a normal hackamore. Though the noseband is not solid you can use it with various amounts of leverage by attaching that curb feature they have. Just like a hackamore unfortunately.

Good luck on your bitless quest. It's a very rewarding road for a rider and a very comforting one for a horse. Feel free to ask questions any time.

The Wife said...

Don't ya just hate when people take their jobs a wee bit too seriously and are smartasses as well! Glad you finally got over here and retrieved your camera.

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