Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday...errr Monday stills: things with wings

Ok so I had a phenomenal weekend. I spent it with two of my best bud's, Lisa and Michelle. My old friend from Amherst high school, Thomas showed up too!
We wandered up town and danced until they kicked us out in the wee mornings. What a great night. Not often I get to sneak away and be a "city girl" I sure do love coming back to my little hick town.
Yesterday we went swimming. It was kind of windy out but the pool was 88 degrees! wow talk about warm. I got cold getting out of the pool. Then we had a bonfire and made hobo pies (quick, what is a hobo pie!? Who can answer that one?)

So I just got to taking my Sunday stills pics today. I thought about it. I really did not have time to stalk birds. I thought about taking a picture of Indigo and doing this to it:

harharharharhar. Baaadd photoshop, bad.
She is my angel though. Sweet, evil, neigh trying to dump me back the laneway and run home today after I let you have a corn stalk to eat on our ride. Bad neigh!

But as I thought about birds and how hard they are to photograph and how I get attacked every time I go to one of the local wineries and see the Canadian geese. All I hear is this hissing noise and WHAMMO! goose pinch. Ouch.

So I got these suckers.
Everyone has their own name for them. June bugs, fish flies, May flies. My mom and dad have always called them june bugs. I guess actual June bugs are those beetle things around here. All I know is when they die, and they die by the MILLIONS they smell like rotting fish! Gross! They are majorly attracted to light so all the street lights are turned off at night. They can be dangerous because they die under the street lights. If you hit a patch of them with your car they can be more dangerous than a patch of black ice!
They live for a whole of like 24 hours and their sole purpose in life is making babies and being bird food. The birds love them and so do the bats and frogs and fish.
They lay eggs on the surface of the water which sink down and burrow in the mud. They stay in a larvae stage for up to two years under there before hatching and flying around. The bloody things.
See they don't bite. They just fly at any moving object and stick to it. Imagine the frustration of a horse when you ride past a bush or tree and a few hundred of these things fly at them, land on them and don't fly away when they twitch their muscles or swat them with their tails. They are gross if you are riding. You come back with an annoyed horse and these buggers smushed into the seat of your pants. Grrrrr.
I remember my dad walking through this tall grass area when I was young. All I hear is my mom scream and my dad coming out, hanging his arms to the side looking like swamp thing, every single inch covered in fish flies and a big swarm of them hovering above your head. Good thing they don't bite.

They do molt a time or two or three when they are here. They leave these skelletons behind clinging to your window.

They also come in tan, or brown. I find the tan ones are more skittish. Weird. Here is the wikipedia page on them. Of course you can't believe everything wiki says because people like you and me write those articles.
Just be lucky you don't have them. The season is just starting. They will cover our house in a week. Gross.

I grab them by their wings. Oh looks like this little fellow isn't happy. His little legs are flailing.

They are great fun for kids to collect. See who gets the most fish flies. So here is it for me being busy. Hopefully there will be some wildflowers next week on time.


Ed said...

Better late than never, great pics, the photoshop is totally cool!!!

Carroll Baker said...

Very cool! The bugs are great for trout fishing as well!

nice shots!

VioletSky said...

Great shots. They obviously like the limelight. Disgusting little creatures.

The Wife said...

I vote for the first that photoshop!

Julie said...

Ohh - don't like bugs...but LOVED your angel horse..and the story that went along with her..too cute!

CTG Ponies said...

Great pics! I like the Photoshop horse too.

The Wades said...

Living in NM, I've never heard of mayflies, fish flies, etc. How crazy are those! I was really amazed to hear that they can be dangerous like black ice. I'll have to show my son this post. He LOVES critters of every make and model.

Great bokeh! Glad I stopped by.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ok....I must get photoshop! That looks like so much fun to play with. I first though the photo of Indigo was just a statue with wings. Cool!

May Flies are just weird! I'm glad we don't have them here. I don't like bugs...and I know I would not like them sticking to me. gah! And the skeletons? Ewww! Creepy! my skin is crawling. lol!

(Great photography, though!)


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