Monday, June 15, 2009

What a day

Prepare for along winded post of the last few days.

I get a phone call at who knows what time from the lady who owns the one farm I work at. Her pony, wee biscuit had her foal. A little dark bay filly. I needed to help her husband give it some shots and make sure it was ok.

Cute little thing barely makes it up to my knee. I see horse foals so often but pony foals are tiny.

I knew something wasn't right. Every time the foal went to nurse wee would squeal at it, or if she smelt it she would squeal and then strike at it. She was protective however. When we went to give baby it's shots and it squealed a little, wee got real upset but wasn't protective or anything too terrible.

I twitched her and the filly went over right away to nurse but couldn't quite figure things out. Maybe she has mastitis? I wonder if it had anything at all from the time it was born? The poor baby looked exhausted.

I dunno I had a feeling she was going to be funny about her baby. It's her first. Shes just a weird pony. She squeals at every other horse or pony even when she has been turned out with them for months. She does the same with the foal. I just had this gut feeling.

Anyway it wasn't long before I had to leave. The foal wasn't alert or bouncing around like it should have been. It also didn't lie down once in the two hours I was there. Sooo strange. I told the farm owners husband that he needed to call a vet, like don't wait for his wife unless he wanted her to come home to a foal on deaths doorstep.

Anyone got any cute pony name suggestions? Her moms name is wee biscuit. Some name suggestions were McNickers, McMuffin, swishy, miniwee, toasty, timbit...

Enough of the sad news it was time to go on to other barns before I had to run home and bale hay. I tell ya baling hay is hard work but you have a certain feel of accomplishment when you are done. Not to mention hay in places you didn't think getting hay was possible!

Some other things that happened yesterday.

Sophie. If any of you have read back to my very first post you would see the filly I had been working on last year. She got into a bad accident and regressed about a thousand steps back in her training. She became spooky and almost dangerous to work. Being just three I decided to put some foundation rides on her (I did walk trot, woah, moving away from leg cues and backing. Not to mention extensive ground work. Shes a gem to work with on the longe) so it would be easy for me to say "Ok enough of that spooking lets get to work" this year. She had matured significantly. I am glad I gave her a year. Shes four now and can carry me far easilier. She did great yesterday with the riding although she blew up at a cat walking on the other side of the bush. After she clearly seen the cat she could have cared less.

Sophie hasn't really been away from her family. She is fine in the barn and has no problem leaving them or being tied in the barn. The second you leave her totally alone in the round pen you get this:

Trotting around and bucking and farting and rearing like a bloody maniac! Boy am I glad she does not pull any of this wile I am driving her or on her back or I would be toast for sure! Man can that Morgan buck! I can see it "next act, human lawn dart"

As soon as I came back she was fine. I climbed up on the rail of the round pen and sat there. She wasn't too sure about me being way up there but curiosity got the best of her and within 30 seconds she was sniffing my shoes and knees and going "watcha doin up thar?" She loves her back scratched so I was doin some back scritchin, she enjoyed it. Then I went off to drive Indigo.

I left miss Sophie in the round pen. She galloped around again wile we drove past her and went down the lane.

Indigo was a real good girl. I think the working her 4-6 days a week is starting to make her act her age...shouldn't speak too soon.

Oops looks like this day just got darker. My sister just called who just had surgery on her bowels a few days ago. Shes in the hospital with complications. I hope she is going to be alright. My sister usually isn't grim about things and she didn't sound good. Everyone say a good word for her. Gotta run.


Paint Girl said...

Sorry to hear about your sister, will be sending good thoughts her way.
I love bald eagles, see them almost everyday! I had one fly right over my head the other day while I was mowing the lawn.
The baby pony is very cute! Hope mom relaxes around her!

The Wife said...

You wear me out just readin' all your activities! Hope your sister gets well soon. I'll keep her in my thoughts.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whoooeee, you've been busy.
I sure hope your sister is doing better and heals up quickly.
And I hope foal does well, too. Poor little thing.
biscochito (mexican cookie)
biscotti (italian cookie)
wee muffin
lil cookie

How amazing that you were able to see those eagles. So cool!


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