Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh baby!

We have been calling her mini wee.
I loved Lisa'a suggestion of biscotti, Italian biscuit or cookie. It sounds so cute. Everyone agrees. I'll tell my boss when I see her next.My boss husband says to me today "I'm gonna call her pita" I said "why pita?" he smirks and says "It stands for PAIN IN THE ASS" I laughed. Should have named her mother that because she truely is a pita.
Her mom is still mean to her but she hasn't rejected her like we first thought. She just squeals and kicks and strikes at her baby for no reason it seems. Shes even kicked her over a couple of times but she was unhurt. Oh wee your not a very good mama. I guess shes still young though, only four.

We went to put them outside yesterday. The baby hadn't been out of the stall yet. She was a little confused so I had to go in there and shoo her out. Didn't work so I scooped my hands under her butt and shoved her out. Once in the isle she was even more confused. Her mama was upset that her baby was being left behind so I was trying to get her to walk as fast as her little foal legs would let her. She just couldn't keep up so with two arms I gently picked her up under her rump and on her chest and walked out there with her. She was totally fine with it, until her mama started to holler at the pen and then she started to try and gallop mid air in my arms. Her little legs were a flailing and I was laughing so hard.

Today she did better. I walked her with one hand in front and the other pushing her rump. She hasn't quite got the idea to follow her mom yet. Shes so cute zooming around. She barely lies down or drinks. I stood around for twenty minutes and she didn't nurse once but she drank from her moms bucket outside.

I hope she doesn't have the same mouth as her mama. She has what is called. Sow mouth is an under bite, opposite of parrot mouth. It's more apparent than parrot mouth and certainly hard. Wee has lost many teeth because her jaw is so misaligned. However if the baby does have it I know it can be fixed once her teeth erupt. You need to file the molars in the back different. The top teeth need to be long in the front and filed short in the back and the bottom need to be short in the front and long in the back so it makes her jaw slide back into place before her bones/joints become more solid before 6-9 months.
Fortunately this condition is not hereditary/genetically passed down. It unfortunately is nutritional. I asked my professor and he assured me it was nutritionally caused.

Theres always time for play!
Then back to mama for some comfort.


Anonymous said...

Hi syd!


HBFG said...

She is so gorgeaus!

Andrea said...

I would have loved to have seen her runnng in your arms!!! LOL She is just too cute. I love her tiny legs!!

Sydney said...

I know I wish I had a camera it was hysterical. Her little legs were a flying as fast as she wanted to be runnin.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Awwwww, she's so cute! I love to watch them run!

Horse Gal said...

awwww she is so dang cute!!

Paint Girl said...

Love her running around! She is getting cuter! Thanks for more pictures of this little cutie!

The Wife said...

hehe...pita! Pretty clever.

Carroll Farm said...

Thanks for your comment. It has been fun reading your posts! If you think pony filly is tiny - try a mini horse! We have a stud who is the same size as my lab (dog) - and he is full grown!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awwww, she is the cutest little thing. I love that they might consider naming her Biscotti. It suits her. But Pita is pretty clever and funny, too. :)

Your pics were great, by the way.
Val's foal doesn't always remember how to follow her Mama out of the gates. She just stops at a gate confused and then will run back and forth neighing for Mama.

We just have to remember to walk Mama very slow through the gates, keeping her foal, attached, almost like velcro, no more than a few inches behind Mama. When we do that, the foal seems to not even realize she's going through the gate. A few times I've had to give her a little push from behind, but she's getting it slowly. hehe!


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