Saturday, June 27, 2009

When all goes wrong

With one nicker my horse makes it all right

"Why hello thar. You have cookies for me, right?"

I've been having a terrible week. Between crap happening at work and stuff not going as planned and people getting Cancer I am just about at wits end.

I just found out earlier this week my uncle Jack has bladder cancer. I guess they suspect it was from him using sweetener in his coffee and drinking diet pop. In the tests they did with rats a great number of them developed the cancer in the bladder as he did. He went in for surgery but it does not look good. When is cancer good? So it's chemo and if that does not work in short order his whole bladder has to go.
My uncle is a funny guy. Heck hes the only uncle I got left after my uncle Larry died a few years ago of a blood clot due to medicine for his diabetes. Uncle Jack can fix things...or blow things up.
Let's just say some of the stuff he makes up looks like an extra from the red green show. He has a little experiment going in his basement making bio diesel and is running his one van off it. I guess the way to accurately describe my uncle would be if you asked him the time, he would tell you how to build a watch. lol! Thats my family.

Anyway. When I finally wandered outside to see my horses I was feeling like crap. I was hungry, angry, lonely and tired. First thing I hear is Indigo whinny loud as she always does, just for me. No one else. I hear her then I see her trotting up to me with her nostrils all a flutter with happy nickers. They work magic I tell you because when I went back to the house I felt 100% better. I am going to the movies tonight and then going dancing. This morning that wouldn't have happened.

I think for me a horse will always do to cheer me up. Unless of course they are having a bad mare day... or gelding day that I had to deal with yesterday. I could have strangled the son of a b****! I was doing a drive for the ice cream parlor and Sebastian was being the biggest pain in the butt. He does this thing sometimes where he doesn't want to stop at stop signs and when he finally does get going it's like a half rear half leap forward which jaarrs and makes the whole carriage hop. Put customers in the back seat of the surry and you have a problem.
He stood for an hour and a half at the ice cream parlor and was great. I was so impressed but as soon as I asked him to work he didn't want to walk. So on our way home I went right past our road, into the village and down the laneway, trotting the whole time. Stupid tough sucker. He could have trotted to town and back two more times!
So for the next week hes getting driven morning and night, every day around the block once (about 4 miles total) and then we will see his attitude towards walking a bit. Them Morgans I tell you, sometimes they have more stamina and attitude than I want!

What do you all do when you are upset? Hug a horse? Consult in a friend? Blog?


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww, man. I'm sorry Sydney. I hope your Uncle is able to fight the cancer and WIN! He sounds like a strong guy and one you'd want to stick around, too. I'm glad Indigo was able to lift your spirits, though.
Darn Sebastian keeping you on your toes, though. Sure makes you focus on things other than personal sad things, though.

When I'm upset now, I tend to read other's blogs. Gets my mind off my own troubles. Sometimes going for a long drive does the same thing. When I could hike, a hike or letterboxing trek lifted my spirits really well.

Feel better, my friend.


Paint Girl said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle! Hope he can fight it.
My horses, dogs and cats help cheer me up all the time. They can always put a smile on my face!

Kate said...

Very sorry to hear about your uncle - he sounds very special to you. Horses, and other animals, are a great comfort at times like this.

The Wife said...

Sorry to hear about your Uncle. I find comfort in chocolate cookie dough ice cream! Pints of it! And my animals. Nothing better than puppy kisses and cow slobbers!

Jo said...

Sorry things aren't going so well. This has been a crazy start to the summer for everyone.

When I get problems I pray, write in my journal, blog, sing, and play with my cats. They seem to care and comfort me.

I hope the dancing made an effort to make you smile. I wish I was there.

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