Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bobbing for apples

So not being able to do too much with Indigo since she hurt herself. It's a downer considering I was driving or riding this horse 5-6 times a week. I have been feeding her extra treats and giving her lots of grazing time in the round pen. My friend Korinne said one day we had to make Indigo bob for apples and see if she could actually get them. I had two apples and some time to kill yesterday.

Two apples + water + pail=bobbing for apples.

Indigo says: "What's this?! For me?"

She starts out snapping at the apples and completely submerged her muzzle. She got smart however. See here shes drinking the water.It's almost empty! I think I can see what my smart horse is trying to get at.

Heres a slobbery, whiskery muzzle if I ever did see one.

This is her really happy nom face. Can't you see the content look about her whole body?

I think this picture might have been specifically posed by Indigo for the wife

So she got most of the apples. What does she do to get the rest you ask?

See for yourself.

You can see the left over apple bits there in the water.
She promptly slurped up the remains.
I think the next trick I am going to teach her is to hold things in her mouth. After shes eaten things out of a pail she always has to pick it up once she has licked the whole thing thoroughly clean to her speculations to make sure not one molecule of grain is left.
So try bobbing for apples with your horse. The results are interesting. I think it's safe to say Indigo successfully conquered bobbing for apples with her own little flair.

PS: Click the images for full view. I really need to re-do my blog so you can see the images without the side bar interrupting stuff.


Carroll Farm said...

That is just awesome! I loved those pictures. :)

We have a mini that flips her bucket over when she is done eating in the morning, then when you come out in the evening she will flip it back over for you. It is quite cute.

lisa said...

That was priceless!

Anonymous said...

Very fun pictures - and smart horse. We had an apple-bobbing contest for horses at a barn we were at one year. My Noble won - he instantly immersed his face up to the eyeballs in the bucket, pinning the apples to the bottom with his muzzle - and pulled out an apple!

Sydney said...

Horses if they have the chance in the summer will dunk their noses or heads in the water. At the one barn I work at theres a gelding that does it every time I fill their tub. Most horses don't have the chance though because they are limited to shallow tubs.

The Wife said...

There's my favorite horsey face, tongue stuck out and all!! She's so smart!

Julie said...

Smart girl!

I am back to work and am posting on the sidesaddle blog more regularly now! When you have a minute come and see my newly restored saddle!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

She's a smarty all right!

My Scout will bob for apples. He just dives right down into the water for them.

Pony Girl said...

That's cute! I'm sure she was entertained for a while. I think My Boy would knock the bucket over first. He's such a goober. I will have to try it with him soon and see what he does. The great apple-bobbing experiment! I hope Indigo is healing up well.

Sydney said...

I would love to see what he comes up with for sure.

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