Friday, September 11, 2009

It's healing nicely

She still walks sideways. Poor piggy girl.

Tells me it's very ouchy to touch and ouchy to have it cleaned but shes an excellent patient.

Carrots make everything better.

So do apples.

Cold hosing feels realllll good after 30 seconds.

Shots suck but shes such a good girl and takes them nicer than any other horse I know.

A brand new Likit for the time she spends in the stall. Shes already figured it out and has taken a huge chunk out of it even though she can't trap it against anything. The other horses stick their heads through the window in jealousy at the extra grain she gets for her bute and new herbal worming medicine (Called Para-X by omega alpha company, it works GREAT kills every worms even tapeworms)

I could put her back outside at this point but shes pretty stiff and doesn't want to bend her head in the opposite direction. I don't want her getting pushed around and tearing her sutures open so I think she'll be inside for a week or so. Or at least until she can bend better. I put her out in the round pen for a few hours. I gotta go feed her supper now though.

Heres a pic of her wound, sutured and my hand for comparison.
Surprisingly this wound didn't bleed. Like seriously at all! I was so suprised and so was the vet. Theres no pussing or bad tissue growing. That vulketan is a wonderful thing I tell you.

EDIT: I went out to get Indigo from the round pen and she had rolled. I could see grass stains on her head and rump and withers. The sutures did not rip open and the cut stayed clean. I think it's going to do well.


Pony Girl said...

Good news, that is quite the boo-boo! My Boy scraped up his leg pretty awful tonight on the wire fence....a couple scrapes of raw flesh but it appears no punctures....poor guy. Lots of carrots, grain, bute, grass...he's lovin' being wounded, LOL! :)

Pony Girl said...

One more thing....never heard of the Vulketan...what is it exactly? Where do you find it? Seems like I should have some on hand...

Paint Girl said...

Poor Indigo! Looks like that one hurt. Glad she is doing good and enjoying all those yummy treats!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! It looks like it's healing up pretty well so far, which is great. She sounds like she's patient with all the treatments. Hope all continues to go well!

Sydney said...

Pony girl: Vulketan is an ointment gel which has Ketanserin in it and prevents granulation tissue from developing (proud flesh). It increases circulation and heals whatever the wound is pretty darn fast. I've used it once before on Indigo. You gotta get it from the vet. I has a couple year expiry date and at 34.99 a tube so long as you catch it within the first 24 hours of the wound happening your alright.

Jo said...

poor girl

The Wife said...

Glad she is healing nicely!

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