Thursday, September 10, 2009

A mastercard moment (NOT!)

It's 11:30 pm. I just got in from class and then tending to my horse that now walks sideways. I have blood on my shirt and poop and pee on my pant legs. Same shit different day right?

So I am about to go to work this morning. On Thursdays I have a short day so when I am gone I let Indigo into the round pen to eat the grass down. She enjoys this very much. I get a bucket, fill it with water and put it in the round pen for her.
Then I go to the gate. As I have mentioned Indigo's customary greeting is a loud throaty neigh followed by a bunch of happy nickers on the way to the gate where I am standing where I halter her and we go to the pen.
I call. She turns slowly and blinks at me, no ears forward, no neigh, not even a nicker. Then she moves back. I have a carrot in my pocket for when I let her loose in the round pen. I take it out. No response. Ok this is weird.
I climb over the fence, go over and pet Indigo on the head then move her mane around. OH MY GOSH!!!
She has a half a foot long laceration on her left shoulder. What the hell next!?!? How the hell did she do that!??! Apparently scouring the paddock to Indigo proof it isn't enough. I hosed it, ran to the phone to call the vet, who couldn't make it till after 2 pm.
Then I went to the paddock. I searched up and down that thing but it was my dad that found her shoe. She must have somehow fell and cut herself on a big rock that's been there for years and in her scramble to get up pulled her left back shoe off and cut her back legs up in one fell swoop. The only thing is how the hell did this happen? Did something chase her? Wouldn't be coyotes in broad daylight. Timber wolves are few and far between and very shy. I couldn't see Sheba chasing her. It just puzzles everyone.
So I tied her up and ran off to my barn to clean stalls and came back only to find my dad that was supposed to have gone to Toronto in the barn waiting. I guess the guy he was supposed to ride his iron horse with canceled last minute. He said it was meant to be because Indigo was hurt. Shes his favorite you know. I think she only likes him cause shes got him trained as her personal vending machine.

So I'll spare you the gorey pictures and 6 sutures. The skin is tight and Indigo walks a little sideways it's funny and sad at the same time. She is not ammused she has to stay indoors in a stall for a few days. Not at all but she does get to go out into the round pen and go for walks and such with me. I just don't want her rolling and pulling out her stitches.

My vet, hes a funny guy he says to me: "That horse of yours is enough to make you drink always hurting herself. "
I laughed. I said "It's like a master card moment. Emergency vet bill:$400. Going to the city to pick up Vulketan (It's a WONDERFUL ointment that stops proud flesh, you want to get some if your horse gets injuries, trust me): $40. Having a horse that will drive me to drink but not having the money to buy booze: priceless. We both laughed.

Looks like I ain't taking Indigo to the end of year show next week.

So after this I had to rush to the city to pick up Vulketan because my vet didn't have any then I had to rush off to classes. I am taking chem and bio at the college to upgrade because I have decided finally. I want to go back to Guelph and become a vet. Yup. It fascinates me when it has to do with horses and I can help others in need. Perfect. The teacher I got for Chemistry, not so much. It's his first class hes ever taught but all he did the whole 2 hour class was write definitions and explain them worse than the text book. Talk about the worst two tooth grinding hours of my life! Good thing I took chemistry before.

A few of you on here that commented and a few lurkers that have chatted with me between then and now have asked about the wordless wednesday picture I posted this week. That picture is a graveyard we stumbled upon randomly in a bush in Wawa near the waterfall. They have a sign now explaining about two dozen or so soldiers were bruied there during some small war. Only three lonely graves are in tact. Sad but really cool when you get to it and theres just a little clearing with perfect grass and nice trees. I found a itty bitty tree frog there but I didn't have my camera that time. It was cool. I miss it there already.


Carroll Farm said...

Oh my goodness, I so have 3 or 4 horses that way! and I love the mastercard comment! LOL

Paint Girl said...

So sorry to hear about Indigo's injury! Emergency vet bills suck!! Hope she heals up quick!!

Jessie said...

That sucks!! Those shoulder injuries are hard to keep closed, too. Hopefully she'll keep it sutured as long as possible. I swear, these horses would find a way to hurt themselves even if we wrapped them in bubble wrap and suspended them from the ceiling!!

Anonymous said...

Poor girl! Glad you got her all stitched up, and hope everything heals cleanly.

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