Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday stills: transportation

Due to the recent current events with my incredibly injury prone horse, my mom getting into a car accident (Shes ok she just crunched up the side of the truck in a parking lot) and having to drive 2 days for 5 hours for a wine festival, I haven't had a chance to take much for pictures. I wanted to take a picture of my dad's iron horse. He rides it a lot. It's a Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 custom. The paint job on it is gorgeous. I love how the colours sparkle in the sun. I would take a picture right now but he headed out sometime around the crack of dawn on it as he does a lot of weekends with my mom along too.

So I will post this beauty. Our newest carriage. Well we got it last November. We use this one strictly for weddings and fancy events. It was custom built by a guy in Indiana specifically to our order. It has a roof for the passengers if need be.

It's a vis-a-ve. It's pulled by Sheba and shes a lean, mean, hay burning machine. This horse has more gas than ANY OTHER HORSE! I don't mean going fast either.
I'll enlighten you.
Yesterday she had been washed and was tied in the barn drying wile I washed Sebastian. I brought him in and as I walked through the door I caught sound of her farting, only it didn't end with the usual little pffftt of a horse. It kept going, and going, and going and I am standing there cracking up as this horse lets out the most noisy, gassy fart I have ever heard from a horse. She went on for a good 45 seconds and left me in a fit of giggles.

It's not always a good thing when we are doing weddings. They must think we feed Sheba saurkraut.
I specifically remember one time. My friends Dave and Michelle came over. Michelle was going to drive in the Harrow Fair parade with me last year. Dave went to leave and his car wouldn't start so I told him I would drive him into town and drop him off at home. Dave is a really talkative guy. Hes always joking and making up funny things. He had his dog with him sitting on the floor of the surry in the back seat. Hes just a yammering away. We had Sheba this day. Michelle and I are sitting absent mindedly in the front seat sort of half listening to what he was saying. It mustn't have been important because it wasn't the conversation we remembered it was this next thing. Sheba lets out a loooonnnnggg silent fart. Michelle and I both parted in the middle and leaned out of the sides of the surry to avoid getting hit with what we have dubbed "poopie dust" Anyone who has been around horses will know what I mean. At this point Dave suddenly goes silent, smacks his lips a few times and exclaims "Ewww, it's bitter!" with a horrible disgusted look on his face. Michelle and I knew instantly and started cracking up. So thanks to Dave, we now know what horse farts taste like.

Every February my parents head to Florida for a month and sometimes two. One year we got a big snow storm. The school buses didn't run and my car from the drifts obviously wasn't going anyplace.I sent this pic to my mom when they were gone a couple years ago. My dad is looking at it and hes like " I know it's in the driveway, but what is it?" Hahahha. I hate snow.


Anonymous said...

hahahha i can hear the horse fart :)
how amusing

p.s nice photos :)

Debbi Andersen said...

well technically it just said mechanical.. it didnt say it HAD to be a car :) its all in the interpretation and I think you did a GREAT! job! :)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Lol, so I guess you could say
Sheba runs on gas, huh!
Beautiful carriage! I'll bet it would be lovely in a wedding!!

Ebie said...

She is a beauty, and very funny, about her "gas" output! Such horse power!

Ebie's Sunday Still's Challenge.

VioletSky said...

Beautiful carriage. and what a way to stretch the theme, a bit - 45 seconds, eh?!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! That is just too dang funny!
I don't think I've ever had the...erm..experience of being around my mare when she's had any 'poopie dust', though. She does seem to like holding her ripest and loudest farts for when she's positioned herself so that I can scratch her butt! lol!

That is opne gorgeous carriage. Wow!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How did that 'p' get in there??!
This is a post about farts, not pee.

I crack myself up....


WildBlack said...

Lol!! Great post. Now we know the secret behind horse power! ;)

flowerweaver said...

Too funny!

Sydney said...

Thanks for the comments.

Lisa: After today I could do one on pee too hahahah

Holly said...

that is gorgeous transportation and it's a funny post!

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