Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday stills: Signs of fall

There are several signs around my county that fall is on it's way. It may not be the turning of leaves or Halloween decorations going up but a few get togethers, shows and traditions.

The Cottam horse show. We used to have this show in June but it was very hot every year on that weekend. Not to mention we couldn't have our driving show on the grass so we got the hot, open and small baseball diamond. Now we have the old riding area where the grass is green and we have plenty of shade and parking space.This is Sonota, a welsh pony owned by a lady I know named Monica. Shes a real good pony and Monica is a ton of fun to be around.

We also have several drives put on at different properties owned by members of our Carriage club. Today we were a couple towns over and went for a nice little country drive. I just got my wisdom teeth out so I decided to be a passenger/helper today instead of driving one of mine.

The poison sumac also starts to turn a bright red.

The corn starts to turn yellow. Thats Tina's pony, Larry.

The evil little ponies start to feel their oats. Boy this pony is evil. Evil, evil.

Carrie, the girl with the darker shirt on says this pony chases all her horses around and won't let them drink unless hes pre-occupied with something else. Evil.
He attemped to dump them a few times out of the carriage during our ride. Evil things come in little hooved, champagne coloured packages.
At least they are smiling and having a good time.

Fall is a lovely time of year but I hate it. Why you ask? Well because it means that Winter is just around the corner.


lisa said...

Don't you love the bright red that the sumac gets! It is all over where I live! I quess Evil is the right word!

Amanda said...

What a naughty little pony.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Thanks for the Fall Carriage ride. The photos were great! We're you sufficiently drugged up to mage such a ride, too? I hope your mouth is feeling better now.
You're right about that pony. He needs to go stand in a time-out corner for about....all think about his evilness! lol!
But I'm so impressed with the laughter and go-with=the-flow look on Carrie's face. I think I would have been ready to get out and walk after those nasty pony outbursts. lol!


Anonymous said...

the first shot is fabulous! :)

Sydney said...

Lisa- I have a pretty high pain tolerance so my teeth haven't really bothered me much. No one thought I was gonna be there yesterday but not even some teeth could keep me from my horses. Right after I got them out that afternoon I went shopping haha.

Ed said...

LOL! That pony shot is priceless. He deffinatly has a mind of his own..:-))

VioletSky said...

Those carriage rides are a totally difference experience for me, so thanks for taking us along on the ride a bit. What a neat thing to be able to do (without the EVIL one, of course).

Andrea said...

LOL, evil little ponies!! Hahahaa!! But those carriage rides look like a lot of fun!! Really neat! You are lucky to have such neat horse friends.

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