Monday, February 15, 2010

Dashing through the snow, in an Indigo drawn sleigh

My boots have snow and horse poop on them, my jacket smells like 2-stroke oil I say it's been a good valentines day weekend.
Oddly enough just like a crazy horse person (count me in on this one too) likes the smell of shavings, manure and leather I can't stop smelling my jacket because of the 2-stroke oil smell from snowmobiling we got in over the course of the weekend. I guess thats what happens when you grow up in a mechanically inclined family. It reminds me of my grandpa's garage, driving the boat on the lake and the old three wheeler we had.

Finally I got pictures of Indigo's now second time on the sleigh ever.

So my Aunt Gaye and my guy followed me out on Sunday to go for a sleigh ride.

My aunt kept asking me what day she could come out. My usual reply was "when there is snow". Shes the photographer. She brings her camera and realizes by the time she gets out here (a good 45 minutes from her house in the city to the boondocks here) the battery she had for her Nikon was completely dead. I handed her my Nikon - shes the only one I trust to take my camera for more than a second- and told her to snap away.

Here is what we ended up with. The pictures are taken by my aunt

I pulled the sleigh into the Alfalfa field because the snow melted on the driveway after it was plowed. It's hard to pull on non snowy ground with people in it.

Indigo is such a good girl, standing with a completely slack lead rope as I adjust the breeching. She looks good all in harness. She needs to gain a few pounds (a hundred probably haha just kidding) for the sleigh bells. They were made for a bigger horse. I guess I could have put them around the shaves but they were not going anyplace so it didn't matter.

Adjusting harness. See the baling twine in my hand? Yeah we use that stuff for a bit too much around here. The tugs for the collar don't hook up securely to the single tree (as in they can pop off I need to get my harness guy to make me some clips) so I use baling twine as my safety tie.

Off we go.

Going along the far side of the alfalfa field. She broke into a canter after this, goof. You can see the wind turbines going up on neighboring farms. Ours are going up soon too.

We made it back in just before sun down. What a fun weekend. Now I hope for more snow. More please?
I want more of these winter sports to cure the winter blahs.


achieve1dream said...

If they forecast more for us I'll try to send it your way. At least you can make use of the darn snow lol. I guess if I had a sleigh and a driving horse I'd like it too lol. Indigo looks fabulous all in harness. Oh and don't worry I think all horse people use baling twine. I know I do. :D

Sydney said...

A lot of riding horses, like Indigo take to driving quite well. It's good to have a been there done that horse even if you do not excel in that sport with them it's nice for them to know. Just like showing a kid a bunch of diverse activities to broaden their horizon of the world.

tangerine said...

baling twine and duct tape! This looks like so much fun, and oh so romantic for a valentines day weekend. Here in Cali it doesn't get cold enough to do these kinds of things, just wet enough not to be able to do anything else either! I'm wishing for more snow for you too!

Jen said...

Oh I'm soooo jealous! A sleigh ride would just have to be the very best part of snow. Might even make up for the shoveling, slush and sleet (well, maybe :o) That looks like so much fun! Up until last Friday, I would have said that we don't have snow here in South Alabama, but...

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Nice sleigh. Did Indigo have fun too? She looks like she did a good job.

Anonymous said...

What fun - and a good use of snow!

Shirley said...

Looks like fun! Do you have a cart for her for the summer?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

So fun! And the sleigh is the perfect color for both holidays: Christmas and V-Day! I'm amazed that you can use the sleigh with just that little bit of snow. You should come here. We've still got 8" on the ground from our last snowfall and it even snowed a bit last night, too.
I bet listening to the jingling bells is such a smile-creator, too. :-)

ps I saw your most recent comment today and I think you might have misunderstood what was going on in that post. You said: "huge steps!
Make sure if your serious about this horse to take her home for minimum a week or two (a month is best) to try her out at your own place and make sure it's a good fit before you put down the dough."

The horse I was riding isn't for sale and I have no interest in buying her either. She belongs to my friend, Colleen who has a Trail Riding Business.

But yes, I do plan on bringing any potential horses back home with me for a long enough trial period to be sure it's a good fit. In fact that's what I was trying to do with that horse named 'Blackie' last week that I posted about. But we couldn't even get her in the trailer...and the rearing was just not cool. beh!

Sydney said...

Indigo did have a lot of fun. She loves to get out and stretch her legs. I do have several carriages and buggies I drive her in the less white months with.

Lisa- We do have about 8 inches, the Alfalfa field just grew a lot before it finally died from the frost.
And I totally misread that about atta bay. Is she a standardbred?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

No prob. I have no idea what Atta Bay is. I don't even think she's registered. I figured she was just a little grade mare QH. Now I'll have to ask, because you got me wondering. lol!


Desert Rose said...

Looks so beautiful...Indigo did terific!

Lori Skoog said...

A beautiful harness on a beautiful horse. I envy you!

Sydney said...

Hahah Lori your being modest. That harness is actually a modified team harness. I screwed bolts into the back pad to add shave holders. Works a lot better than leather for being left in the barn for god knows how long. I just swish it into a bucket of murphys oil soap.

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