Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunday stills: G= Green energy

Theres something pretty exciting going up on the farm. It's green energy. Wind turbines. We got three going up.

See this monster. It is pretty darn tall when in motion. I was standing at the edge of the paddock when I took these.This is the biggest crane in motion you can see the "little" big crane below it. If you really want proportions click the image to enlarge it and see the KR wind companies 4X4 truck stuck up to it's axles in mud near the blades.

When it is not moving it bends over right into the neighbors field.

They had to quit due to winds on Friday. Everyone packed up and split in a hurry, right before they were going to raise the blades. Phooey. Guess I will have to wait until Monday.

This is the biggest (size and money) project our little hick county has ever seen. The Chrysler plant in the city wasn't even in comparison money wise. This is a one hundred and three million dollar project. I guess our county is really behind on the times in terms of expensive projects.

There are twenty four turbines going up just in our town. Other towns nearby might be getting them.
A lot of people are against the turbines. I think green energy is a good idea, especially because you can clearly see fermie two, the nuclear power plant just by walking down my road and looking across the lake. That should be an interesting picture. Now I just need a clear day.

So what are your opinions? Like them, hate em, want to know more facts?
Actually most of the anti turbine/wind factory people present information that is irrelevant. By that I mean the research was done 30 years ago on completely different model turbines. These ones are far safer, more aerodynamic and compact. If it was recent things they are bringing up (like some sort of "turbine sickness") theres no scientific data to prove it! Only haters that go crying wolf that the turbines make them sick.

Personally I love to hear the turbines. They remind me almost of ocean waves. I seen a whole ton of them on Prince Edward Island a few years back and they were right on the ocean on a windy day. You know what, they didn't make much of a sound.

Personally I can't wait to see a change. Renewable energy means better environment. I think I can deal with that.


dibear said...

This is a really great choice. I bet these turbines are going up with "stimulus money". :)

Jo said...

I expected everyone else to take pictures of them so I haven't. I like to take pictures of things unexpected.

I'm waiting for them to start moving! It'll be exciting! There are some right in front of my house and all the way to Stephen's! I heard they have to insert new poles and wires so that they have a place to put the energy. I dunno tho.

Sydney said...

They won't be turning until June the earliest and yes they have already started putting in new poles. The top three wires will be the turbines the bottom three will be ontario hydro.

Sandy from the Heart of texas said...

Great post and photos! Hubby and I are very interested in wind turbines. So far our area is not. Hubby is reading and looking into maybe....big emphasis on MAYBE building a small private one for our place. Most likely not though. LOL

lisa said...

We want one on our property! A lot of people are against them here too, and yet they scream, global warming from polution! I they are pretty darn cool! It it can save me money then I will get one on my property in the near future that is for sure, we have been looking into it!

Shirley said...

I'm in favour of this type of energy, but I must say that they can be an eyesore. In southern Alberta, where the wind never ceases, there is a section of land covered with them, a veritable wind farm. It's a little scary, although the blades are high enough that they aren't dangerous.

Brenda said...

great pics of the letter "G" and great use of the earth's energy!

photographerpainterprintmaker said...

Great job Sydney! You really should be a "paid" journalist. Your stories, and photos are always informative, and interesting. I hope you are taking some side courses or maybe even doing a double major, equine science/journalism if it is offered at the university.
Love you bunches,
Aunty Poo!

thecrazysheeplady said...

I don't have any problem with them and think they are kind of neat actually. Will look forward to the "finished" pictures.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...


We had looked into going completely solar and wind powered, off-the-grid at this house but it's proven to be too expensive. It's a shame really because we have the winds all winter long and the sunshine over 300 days a year. It sure would be nice not to have any utility bills, while helping out the environment, too.


Sydney said...

For the people talking about going off grid and getting these of their own: The ones on the farm are not "ours" we are leasing the land to a company. These 24 turbines can power 20 thousand houses. Neighbors down the road have solar and their own little turbine. They don't use either anymore because the battery they had that stores the power died and it was supposed to last 20 years. It hasn't even been 5. They had to pay through the teeth to be put on the grid too. They said it was a good 30 thousand dollar loss D: Make sure you do your research before putting up one and going off the grid.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great G..they are massive..I think they are a good thing!

Loved your snowman story too..made me laugh..thanks:)

morephotosplease said...

That is Gi-normous. Saw several of these wind farms driving across I 80 to Utah. We stopped at some near the road to watch them and of course take pictures. Kind of spooky up close. Saw an episode of Dirty Jobs when they went inside to work on them - wow, was that high up. I think with development they'll actually produce electricity on the cheap. Got look at all of the costs to include long term maintenance, etc.

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