Monday, February 22, 2010

The happy award

I got this award from my good friend Jo

I am to write ten things that make me happy and tag ten people.

Things that make me happy

1. Horses.
This is such a given. I don't think I could be happy in this life without some sort of equine contact. I feel at ease, something big has been lifted off my shoulders even when my horse and I have a big job to do (like tomorrow you wouldn't believe what I have to do)

2. My friends and family.
I just spent a few hours of nonsense, including throwing frozen bananas at another friend in the bathtub and eating nearly a whole jumbo box of nerds candy by myself. We talked about past stories we told each other before and ones we hadn't. We were laughing so hard it hurt.

3. Laughter.
This is the most important one. I can't get enough. Especially things that make others who are not in on the joke raise an eyebrow and question your sanity. Things that are totally random like when you are in a wal-mart and you hear a kid three isles over making some random noise and you just have to laugh and imitate the noise for the next two days.
Once my best friend Lisa and I were in a store and there was this plastic baby doll that had a big fat eyebrow ridge, two bottom teeth and little saggy man boobies. We laughed so hard we were literally on the floor. Thank goodness no one came around the isle they would have thought we were doing drugs. The truth is we are just high off life, laughing at simple things(like the buck toothed, unibrow, moob baby). It makes a day go by so much easier laughing a little or even lots.

4. Shiny things.
Especially bright, colourful shiny things. This one I cannot explain. My aunt once said it was because I am a dragon, being born in the year of the dragon. I really, really do like shiny things I can't help but stare at peoples earrings or necklaces I just can't help myself. I used to collect super shiny things and even had a shiny box that had random balls of tin foil in it. I had to come to terms of having too much junk being a habitual pack rat and threw it out some time ago.

5. Creation.
This can be anything from drawing a picture, braiding horse hair into jewelry, painting, building stuff and using big tools or making a box of odds and ends into something useful. I love creation and all the joy it brings to be able to make something out of nothing.

6. Getting up early in the morning.
I am such a morning person. I was the kid when I was little that would suddenly go quiet and my mom would go looking for me only to find me in my bed already asleep. She never had to set a bed time for me. However when I get really tired it's not wise to push my buttons. It's one of the only times my patience runs thin and I have a lot of patience.
I can't say I honestly ever wake up in the morning and say to myself "I do not want to feed the horses, why the heck do I do this!?" I always want to get up and feed my horses, other peoples horses. Sometimes I want to drag my feet like tomorrow because I know I will have to scrape the ice off my car to drive to my first barn at 7 am. I never don't want to do it or call someone in to do my work for me.
I believe getting up early builds good character and that you shouldn't sleep too much; after all people die in their sleep.

7. Teaching.
I love to share what I have learned. I especially love teaching people new things about horses. A lady at my one barn I do once commented and said I was the walking horse encyclopedia. What can I say, I read a lot and research what I do read.

8. Learning. I love to learn. It is why after my equine science diploma (that and our area has a very sparse horse population) I have continued my education. I don't want to stop learning, ever. Does this mean I will be in school forever? Definitely not but I want to try as many new things as possible, broaden my horizons.

9. Being active.
I love to walk and run and jump and swim. I think if I was forced to be inside in an office I would truely go crazy. I need to move around.

10. Love.
Above all things I believe in love (cue Moulin Rouge quote). My friends, my family, my horses. I know no matter where I go, what I do, I will have people who admire, look up to and most importantly, love me. I am truely lucky in this life to have so many wonderful people who think of me in such a great way. I only wish to return to the world what I have recieved. When you think of love the most important thing to remember is before you love someone else you have to love who you are.
I love who I am. I am not perfect, nobody is but I can live with what I have and always will happily knowing I am loved.
I also have to say I love getting comments from all of you. It is what makes this blog worth keeping up.

Having said this I now have to tag 10 people! Geeze that is a lot!

1. My aunt Gaye- Shes always made me happy, supporting me in my horse addiction and my need to create art.

2. Lisa from Laughing orcha ranch - I love to read Lisa's posts. She always leaves great comments for me to read. It makes me happy to see her progress shes been having with her riding.

3. Sarah - Sarah is a very laid back friend of mine. Shes great to talk to about anything and crazy for following me today trying to climb into one of the turbines as my horse galloped home without us.

4. Lisa from South view farm - I greatly enjoy her posts and life on her little farm. Shes always such a great commenter.

5. Shirley from Ride a good horse - Shes been getting those gears in my head going lately thinking. I love her little herd.

6. Misha from my front porch in the mountains - Her posts make me smile. I love the way she writes, even the most lengthy posts keep me reading.

7. NuzzMuzz from Nuzzling Muzzles - A wonderful lady who is passionate for her Arabian horses. Her blog is always an entertaining read.

8. Janice from own a morgan - As you all know I love morgans. Indigo is indifferent. She says they are racist but thats for another post.

9. All horse stuff - I envy her and her sister being riders. I have one lonely picture of my sister on Suzy and shes clinging on for dear life.

10. YOU! I had about 5 other people I could have included but I do not want to exclude anyone. Please accept this award and leave me a link so I can see your blog post.

So what makes you all happy? Please do comment it makes me happy to see all of your comments and sometimes e-mails I get. After all you can never be too happy.


Anonymous said...

*cry* I love you too. <(^.^)>

Now, does this mean I have to do this?


Sydney said...

yes it does :P

achieve1dream said...

I might try this later, but I don't know if I have ten people to give it to . . . I'd feel guilty taking the award if I couldn't pass it on like I should. Hmm.

lisa said...

Hmmm, now I really have to think! I learn quite a bit from you!

from my front porch... said...

Wow! Thanks, Sydney!
I will do my best to get right on this!

And, yes, I can be a little long-winded!! LOL!


Sarah Golden said...

lol Silly Indigo;
You know I didn't get any pictures of her taking off. But I got one o like RIGHT before. Rooofl

Now I have to update my blog.
Seeing my laziness I don't know If I'll get to do this tagging thing. Maybe I'll do it on Facebook.

The Wife said...


Janice said...

I was thinking to myself how much I was enjoying your post and then to find myself in there ,thanks I think....Ihope my internet will work enough to send this along.

achieve1dream said...

I posted the ten things that make me happy. Here is the direct link:

Thanks again for sharing.

Sydney said...

Yay glad others are doing this too.

Shirley said...

Now ya done it! You made me have to think! I'm going to steal one from you, cause I'm a morning person too.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Gak! Somehow I missed this post, and then just found it today. Maybe I can pretend that I never even saw it.....

But then I was over at Mrs. Mom's place and saw that she tagged me, too!
Can I steal her persona for the tag and just be a 93 yr old man with a missing testicle, instead?

Testicle....testicle...testicle. Isn't that a funny word?

I like goofy laughter about random stuff, too. I bet we'd have to carry around a change of panties if we hung out together.
Most of the people I know don't understand me, so I have to hold back on my silliness. That's sad, isn't it? I must know why you were throwing frozen bananas at your friend. Making a human banana split, maybe?

This should be interesting...


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