Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On this episode of as the round bale turns

It was a nice day. It snowed lightly and there as an odd fog this morning that caused hoar frost to stick to the plants. I decided it was a great day for picture taking.Indigo agrees only if there are cookies involved.

As I looked through the images I took today, I caught eye of this.
What on earth is she getting her tail in a knot about?

AGH SEBASTIAN!! When are you going to learn!? Stupid boys. Leave the girls in peace. They can see past your tricks.

The girls are gonna tag team him.

I do say Indigo and Sheba make a good boy beating team.
No Sebastians were hurt (other than his gelding ego) in the production of as the round bale turns.

Remember in my happy award post how I mentioned Morgan horses were racist? Well they are.
Suzy, Stormy and Sebastian always hang with each other.
When Indigo or Sheba interferes in the paddock they hold a tight formation, minus Sebastian who tries to convert the girls but they don't buy it.
These horses live together, 24/7 theres no stalls to separate them at night. We had to separate the Morgans (Suzy, Sebastian, Stormy) from the non-Morgans (Sheba and Indigo) because there would surely be a scuffle at meal time. The barnyard is split into two halves because of them.
Racist I tell ya, racist.

I did get some lovely pictures today of the hoar frost. Unfortunately I did some chores before I took pictures. It was much thicker early on in the day.
I promise if there is hoar frost tomorrow morning I will bring my camera. It is quite interesting.
Another horse hair post coming up.


Shirley said...

I really like that last photo, wonderful depth to it with the horse's body as background.

achieve1dream said...

Very cool pictures!

Jo said...

I loves the frosty pics

cdncowgirl said...

I love hoar frost, its so pretty.

Your "racist" horses made me laugh. My bestie Kimfer and I always said that Tennessee Walkers were "breedists" and bullies.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awesome photo of Indigo...well actually both of them, but I do like the action shot. Good capture.

The hoarfrost is cool beans. The last pic is so creative using the horse's body as a background, too.


from my front porch... said...

Too funny, Sydney!!
I always love your pics!

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