Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday stills: Valentines day

This weeks challenge is valentines day

I am about to reveal to you THE MOST DANGEROUS recipe ever!

An awesome chocolate cake recipe.

You need the following:

1 large coffee mug
4 tbsp flour
4 tbsp sugar
1 heaping tbsp coco
3 tbsp milk
3 tbsp oil (I used vegetable or canola)
One egg, whisked
splash of vanilla
Chocolate chips to taste (of course I used pink M&M's just because) This is an absolute must, it is what makes the cake the best. Of course you could add things like nuts or candies.

Mix all ingredients in your mug MINUS the chocolate chips because they sink to the bottom. Add them last.

Once it is thoroughly mixed in your valentines day mug I might add, put it in the microwave for three minutes.

It might rise over the top of the mug. Don't worry. If it actually spills over just clean the mess when it is done and use a bigger mug next time.

Once it is done take it out and right away shake it onto a plate. If you did it right it should fall right out. It's best eaten warm and dusted with a little powered sugar.

Why you might ask?

Well we are now only 5 minutes away from chocolate cake at any time.

The most important message today is the following: You must first love yourself before being able to love someone else.


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Mmmm, that lloks really easy and I'll bet it tastes GOOD!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

lisa said...

Cool, and sweet idea!

Jo said...

WOW you have prince on! I spent friday night looking up his songs for my mum. Sweet. But I've got " I wanna sex you up" by 'color me bad' in my head.

I tried this recipe b4. It was yummy. :)

Gorilla Bananas said...

I'm confused: Is that a recipe for humans or horses? We call them "stripeless zebra" in Africa.

jane augenstein said...

Wow, that is dangerous!!! Don't know if I should thank you or not for that! LOL Looks yummy though, I will have to try it!
Happy Day to you!
Jane and Gilly

Sydney said...

Jo: Hahahah thats so funny.

This is definately a recipe for humans. Horses would not eat chocolate, or normally do not.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! I had no idea you could make a a the microwave! And maybe I shouldn't have ever found this out either! lol!
It looks so dense!

I used to make this dangerous Mexican Dessert Burrito quite often, until my pants got too tight:

One tortilla
Chocolate chips
Peanut butter (optional)

Spread the peanut butter on the tortilla, Sprinkle the chips on the tortilla. Roll it all up. Microwave for a a minute. Voila! Pure yumminess!

Happy V-Day!

ps, I sent your package on Friday.

Shirley said...

I've seen this recipe before but never made it. I think I can substitute xylitol or maltitol for the sugar. Then I can make it- I'm trying relly hard to avoid sugar, it goes right to my belly.On the outside. Bah!

Janice said...

Well Sydney that sounds too good, I believe we will see how good my will power is.

Ed said...

Looks delish, great choice of music, Lenny K is one of my faves..:-)

Sandy "From the Heart of Texas" said...

Well Yummy! That so made me hungry! And is a dangerous recipe, that's for sure!

gtyyup said...

Looks delicious and easy! Thanks for posting the recipe!

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