Friday, February 19, 2010

Every snowmans worst nightmare

"Someone quick sculpt me legs so I can run away"


"Oh nose!"

So I had one of those days where I woke up purely miserable. I was up most of the night, I was cold, the dog bit me when I stepped on her in the dark and then proceeded to slip and land hard on my tail bone out the back steps.
*note to self- put salt on the steps after the snow has been melting off the roof the day before*
I wanted to just curl up and go back to bed.

One of those days that I question my sanity in career choice.

Maybe an office job would be easier?

This gelding walked through the fence twice today at my one barn. This isn't the first day either. The owners refuse to put up wood or even an electric wire.
I am so tired of fixing fencing at this barn and chasing loose horses I was about ready to tell them to do their own chores. I just wanted to sit down in my car and all the horses be magically tucked back into their stalls. Of course that does not happen so I got it done.

Then I went and seen my horses.

Indigo always seems to know when I am having a bad day.
I stood in the paddock with my camera in hand. I was taking pictures of the turbines from the barnyard. I walked back there yesterday with Indigo and it was so muddy. Today there is literally two to five inches of water in certain spots on the lane from all the trucks going up and down and the warm sun melting the snow.

Indigo kept following right behind me like a shadow, wuffling my pony tail as I went. I tried to shoo her away a few times, which usually works but she kept coming back. She would trot off about five paces and come back to nose me on the shoulder. I wanted to take pictures in peace without a snowy muzzle sliming my lens.

About this time I had the feeling of being watched. I looked because sometimes the construction workers come over to pet the horses. No one was there.
I looked over in the other direction. No one there either. The other horses were all out in the pasture and I could see them. All but one.
Suzy, stairballing me from the corner of the fence dividing the two halves of the barnyard. I totally missed her.
She was leaning as far as she could over the gate, ears forward. When I turned to her she nickered.
I have ridden this horse probably more miles than I could ever count. We have been an unbeatable team in show for many years now. I have so many ribbons from this horse it amazes me. What else amazes me is she has the ability to know when people need a horse to hug.

So I got a couple long hours of my horses, a lot of grooming, even more hair shedding *note no.2 to self- do not wear chap stick wile grooming* and of course with a carrot and some snow, afternoon entertainment.

Of course once I think about being stuck inside the office job instead of being able to be around the animals I love, it does not quite seem as appealing as trudging through the muddy paddock to hug a horse.


jane augenstein said...

Sounds like what started out as a bad day turned into a good day with your horses! What a special horse Suzy is! Knew you felt bad and wanted to comfort you.

Good idea on the NOT wearing chap stick around horses....hairy lips! uck!!

Yea, sounds like you got the right job!!! :-)

The Wife said...

Love the edits on the snowman. Too cute! I hear ya about bad days!

Shirley said...

Had to laugh at the chapstick while grooming. The snowman was cute too.
There is nothing like a horse to make you feel better..... well, maybe an adoring border collie or two!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The snowman captions cracked me up. Did Indigo really eat that entire snowman? gah!

Sounds like a rough day was smoothed out with the affection of the horses.

Oh yeh....I, too have had furry lips a few times or more. lol!


Lori Skoog said...

They are worth it, aren't they? Hope tomorrow starts off better for you. What kind of construction is going on?

Jen said...

Once upon a time I believed that it was chocolate that made everything better (now I know it's horsey hugs :o) My chapstick lesson was followed by the don't let Bella kiss you when she's nosed around in the dirt lesson - check the muzzle before the nuzzle, because BLECH! Glad your day turned around for you (and I love those snowman pics - too cute!)

berryvine said...

The best job I ever had (before this one) was cleaning horse stalls. I tried the college,degree, office thing. Made more money. Spent 15 years in an office dealing with people. Not for me! I am a full time farmer now and love it! Sorry about the bad day.

Sydney said...

She didn't eat the snowman but she did knock all it's snowballs apart.

It was funny how this happened. She was following me around the paddock. I made the snowman and put the carrot nose on then walked away to see if she would eat it. She just followed me ARRGHHH!! only a second later to turn around and walk back to nab the nose and come back over to me. I was laughing so hard. Shes so funny.

Jo said...

I love animals and moving around. I don't think I could stand being cooped up in an office all day. i wonder wth I am going to do with my life?

I like susie. She seems like she's got it all and knows what she's doing. Sebastian is a bugger. He scares me.

I love your snowman. We need to have more people add faces to things. I think that Disney was onto something when they made the dishes and other appliances come alive in Beauty and the Beast.

Elizabeth said...

I loved your photo, before I read your story, now I love it even more. Muah! Aunty Poo

dibear said...

Indigo must have thought it was a snow ice cream! Too funny. :)

Breathe said...

With a horse like that, you can survive any terrible morning. :)

Glad you were able to have a turn around.

(And I'll try to remember the advice about the chapstick too. LOL)

achieve1dream said...

Sorry you had a bad day, but I'm glad the horses cheered you up. I don't know what I'd do without the horses and dogs around for company and comfort.

I love the pictures!! Those are so great!

And yes, good advice, never ever where chap stick while grooming. I've learned that one the hard way . . . several times. ;)

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