Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Adventures in ink

Note: Do not look at the images in this post if you are needle shy.

As a very artistic person I often find myself looking to add designs to things.
I have designed several works of art and sold them. The catch is they were not for canvas or wood or paper. They were for skin.
From horses to guitars, birds and trees I have drawn and sold the rights to more than a handful of images for tattoo's. When I think of skin art it's something I have loved all my life, not something I decided I wanted when I was 16 and rebellious. I remember loving my dad's tattoo's he has on his arms and my uncles at a pretty young age.
I think too many people make quick decisions and do not think about the fact that they are going to have this mark all their life and that if it's right off a picture in the shop theres probably a lot of others out there who have the exact same thing as you. It becomes old news real quick.

So I drew my own. I looked at the image I had drawn of the same idea when I was a lot younger. I still loved it so I re-drew it and brought it with me when my best friend Lisa went to her cousin's to get her back piece finished that she designed. I think hers is totally cute with the ice cream cones and cupcake. She was going to get one ice cream cone finished.

I decided this would go into the "Happy birthday to me" since my birthday was last Wednesday. I was waiting ever so patiently for Lisa to be done hers. I wasn't even worried. Lisa got more worked up than I did and shes got that big back piece before and another one on her lower back.
When her cousin was done with hers he started on mine.

Applying the stencil.
Starting the outline.I have to say it didn't hurt one bit. I guess everyone has a different reaction but he could have done that all day. No more irritating than having to go to the allergist and get a whole ton of scratches then having itchy spots all over after.

What did irritate me was when he did the outline of the birds near my neck it was hitting a nerve and I could feel it irritating all the way up my neck, nowhere near where the needle was. Weird.
And the next day I washed it and put non-scented lubriderm on it and HOLY FFF IT BURNED! I danced around and said a few words that would have made a sailor blush. Did you know it's impossible to find a non-scented lotion without alcohol of some kind in it. It was fine that evening though when I put it on again.
It's also not finished, the birds are going to be filled in and the feather more detailed like my original picture but the tattoo artist wanted the ink to settle a little wile.
The It means a lot to me. It reminds me to be free and not follow the path others have tried to set for me. As a saying once said "Je suis comme un oiseau" Or in English "be as a bird"

Whats next? Well the other shoulder. I ain't showing anyone just yet. I'll tell you it's got horses in it, and designed by me.
Anyone have tattoo's? Why did you get them and do you still like them or would you rather have not got them? Did you design them or pick it out of a pre-made at the shop?


The Wife said...

Yes, I have a tattoo. I've had it for about 13 years. It's across the top of my right foot. I looked and looked until I found something I liked. I'm not artistic so I used a premade design. I don't regret it. Sometimes I think I want another one. Then I wonder if I'm too old!

The husband got one after I did. He didn't tell me so I didn't go supervise. He got our brand on his shoulder. It's rather large. I would have suggested it be a little smaller.

Anonymous said...

I think tattoos are cool - and I'm almost 60. Maybe someday I'll get one, but I'll be very, very careful if I do - the permanence is a bit scary.

Mrs Mom said...

Cool Beans Sydney! Can't wait to see the horse one ;)

I don't have any ink. .... Yet....

Dear Husband has a couple: Army Ranger Tat on his scapula, band around his upper arm, and a 4 leaf clover with mine and the kids initials in it. (That one needs some finish work done on it.)

I keep thinking something with a hoof would be totally appropriate. But can't sort out a design.... Sure do love to see tatts of other horse folks though!

Golden the Pony Girl said...

Looks great! I love it! I have two myself and plan on getting another after I complete my degree.

Millie-jane said...

I know what your getting done!

I've decided on one but later when I can afford it... maybe. I'll prolly change my mind by then tho. :)

Jayke said...

I have three.

The first one I got when I was 14, it's a running horse on my lower back. I still love it.

The second one I got when I was 17, a large dragon fly (artistic, not "buggy") between my shoulder blades.

The last one I got just last march, it's on my inner right arm and says "Obladi Oblada"..

I have a system to ensure that I still love all of my tattoos for years to come: Decide what you want, decide where you want it, then wait 1 year. If you still love the idea, go for it.

I still love all of mine, though I've seen some really nice horse designs I wouldn't mind getting, but I don't think having two horse tattoos is the best use of my limited tattoo real estate.

I love yours, very beautiful. :)

Stephanie said...

Nice ink :)
I have 2 tattoos.

the first I got in 1996 and is Ivy leaves around my ankle. Not an anklet but full size leaves winding around. I knew what I wanted and went to an old school tat artist and her drew it out in india ink and then freehanded the entire thing. Amazing and awesome! Love it every single day!

The second is a butterfly a bit higher than the ivy and this is only 4 years old and was done on my daughters 18th birthday. (we had family tattoo night for her 18th!) I like it very much but it was not a work of art made just for me, just pre-made with some minor changes.

Next one will be designed by an artist either a tattoo artist or from someone else but made just for me :)

tangerine said...

I only have one, a raindrop right in between my shoulder blades. I got it drawn up by one artist and went back for my appointment (which was a long drive away) and the guy who drew it up was sick. The guy who ended up doing it messed it up... not what I expected. I plan on getting it re-done when I get my next one. I'd love it to be horse related, or something whimsical. Maybe I'll have to commission you for a design :D

Jen said...

Between cancer and a muscle disease, I've had more than enough of needles thank you very much *grin*
I did have a customer buy one of my pencil sketch prints and have it tattooed on her arm - does that count? :o)

juliette said...

No tats for me - I change my design ideas WAY to frequently to ever decide about art for life! Good luck with yours though- can't wait to see the horse one.

Jessie McCandless said...

I'm too scared to get one! LOL If I did, I'd get something to memorialize Eddie, probably near my heart.....

CTG Ponies said...

I have 2 tattoos - a sliver of a moon with a rose on my upper right thigh and an orchid on my lower left ankle. The moon one is about 20 years old and the orchid is about 15 years old. I have plans for a horse tattoo on my lower back but I need to find the time.

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