Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday stills: Graffiti

Just because I love you all I actually went to the city to get the following pictures. Because you know kids in the country just make crop circles and stuff.
GASP! Sydney? In the city?!?

Encountered a sketchy looking bum along the way that promptly made me and my friends scurry up the side of a hill.
I couldn't resist. I don't know if you all find this as funny as I do but some graffiti artist had some sick sense of humor.
I think it's a bear eating a deers innards. Theres also a few other messages near it like "die young and save yourself" the classic portrait of male anatomy, lots of gang symbols and such.

To me graffiti is like a persons way of lifting their leg on a tree like a dog only dog pee does not leave a stain for your eyes. They draw (pee) over and over and over others graffiti. I actually do enjoy some graffiti because it is a really neat form of art that makes an otherwise grey and polluted city a little more colourful. Next time I go through Detroit across the border I will try and remember to take some pictures because there really is some outstanding graffiti there.

Of course we have the classic I love u.
Though I do this this guy has the right idea about graffiti and art. Check out what this London man is doing to some snails. Neato.


Shirley said...

That first one is really unique!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ewww...the first one is icky!
And doesn't the guy know that panda bears don't eat meat?

The last one is cute.

Whew....aren't you glad you're back home again?


Sarah said...

well, I'm going to admit that the first one made me chuckle too. Maybe it has something with living in the country.
You found some unique peices of work. Glad you went the extra mile (or more) to get these pictures. And I loved your analogy of the grafitti "artists" and dogs peeing on poles. That is the best comparison I've ever heard!

Jeni said...

The first one made me giggle...

I actually had to warn my teenager to not "tag" right now (that's what it's called) as they had on news that the police were cracking down on graffiti.

Having said that there are some "legal walls" here in Cincinnati that is ok to tag and some of the local businesses hire graffiti artists to paint their buildings.

Ed said...

I LOVE the first one!!! Great shots..:-)

gtyyup said...

Yes, that first one is very different as to what I would expect a graffiti artist to come up with. Great job on the challenge!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Now that is some real city graffiti.Great shots.

Sarah Golden said...

The first one is definitely a cat. Definitely a giant angry cat. It's my favourite graffiti in Windsor, by far. I did check my picture of it, and it did have those signatures all over it. I don't think the cat's but was tagged.
I wish we could find the original artist, or I wish they would come back to our hideout and tag it again with something so great.

Jen said...

Every once in awhile I'll see a piece of graffiti that makes me think; what a waste (of talent), but most of the time it's just yucky stuff :o)

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