Thursday, August 5, 2010


I love the summer. It's my favorite time of year.
People complain about the heat but I love it.
Ok, other than the bugs that seem to eat me alive and make some horses difficult to work with, I love it.
I do not love that I just killed a woodtick off my pantleg. Now I have the creeps. What if there are more?
I work horses, my own and others 7 days a week. I get up early and go to bed late.Work, work, work, work. I think I would die if I had an office job in the summer and got to sleep in until the unmentionable hours of the late morning. Being outside, doing a physical job, sweating and rolling around in dirt are essential to my well being I think.

As much as I love summer that means I also have an un-countable number of things I need to get done in a week. Overload.
Like hay. How I love baling hay. How I hate seeing it when I close my eyes. I also hate the hay crumbs that get into places you wouldn't think hay could get on yourself. But the horses love it, so I love it.
Of course theres a lot more. A lot more like odd jobs fixing fences that horses push over to eat grass thats greener on the other side or building stalls for the next winter (I did not just say that word!) Or 4-H or the next horse show or writing submissions for magazines or attempting to finish all my horse hair commissions and have them out on time or watering horses or feeding horses and watering some more and maybe watering myself somewhere in there. I washed my hair yesterday with a hose at one of my barns and some really good smelling santa-fe horse shampoo. That is my confession.

But in the middle of all this chaos I still love summer. Loving summer along with being spread so thin like too little butter on a slice of toast means every once and a wile with all this work I get to sneak away and do something that that happens every time this year. Things year after year I mark on my calendar and never have to be reminded they are going to occur because when the new year flips I am already marking their date in January.

Like the Rawhide Rodeo coming to town.
Take this photo post as my apology for not blogging much or commenting on all the blogs I follow frequently. I promise someday I will be back when the leaves start to change and I can carry my camera around all day without risking it's integrity. I know I have such fantastic readers, thank you all for sticking around wile you are getting a few measly posts a week. I'll make it up to you all. Promise.

How about a cowboy on a horse.

That same cowboy chasing a calf? Ooh motion blur, fancy.

Tying up a calf? I mean, he does have wranglers on.

Several cowboys on a fence? So many hats, wranglers and boots in one place.Not even?

How about a cute little girl barrel racing on her pony?

How about one for the boys.
One of the Canadian Cowgirls?
No dice?

Oh I get it.

This little cowpoke and his kitty. How adorable. I know, really weird thing to see at a rodeo but that cat took a lot of mauling from this little boy and just took it in stride. Purring away.

Totally tickled pink to be in his little guys arms.

Cute overload yet?


Shirley said...

You are one busy girl, but hey, that's what summer is all about when you're young! The kitty and his cowkid are precious.

Jessie McCandless said...

That kitty and little boy are so very cute!!! The cowboys aren't bad, either ;)

I work in an office, but I sure don't get to sleep in! LOL I get up at 5, so I can do chores, workout, get ready for work and commute, then I put up with the office BS all day, pick up whatever I need on the way home (today will be grain), then come home, work outside doing chores, working with the horses or on the facilities, then come in and collapse a little after dark, only to have to do my inside chores as well.

It would be nice to not have to sit on my butt all day and put up with office politics, but the horses sure make it worth it all--got to find a way to feed them somehow :)

Breathe said...

So is that a rodeo kitty that the little boy picked up or was it "bring your cat" night at the rodeo? Precious!

Jayke said...

Awww so cute!

No worries about being busy! That's what summer is for, being outdoors! Particularly because here in Canada, being outdoors in winter is not nearly as fun.

Sydney_bitless said...

The kid and his cat were so random. My friend and I turned around and both looked at eachother. The kid was some sort of cat tamer or something he was holding onto the kitty and it's legs were dangling and it was really chillin about the whole being carried around by a kid.

Beth said...

I totally agree that summer is outside time. And living on a farm, there is always so much to do. From fixing fences, mowing, taking care of pastures, and of course, getting ready for winter!

That cat and kid are so adorable!

lisa said...

Gotta love those little ones, because someday they do grow-up to be cute big ones in wranglers ;)

allhorsestuff said...

You are talking truth to my ears on summertimes enjoyments...we are having some perfect times too...not too hot(but we know how to cool off) /bugs a plenty(but that just goes with)and the work that never ends
( keeps one fit!)

Loved that Kitty and his boy!Really sweet~

And I also love my new Bridle..yea, used it on 3 horses so far...and My mare, maybe today! Glad you told me about the "beta" is supple !
Have a sweet summer's night!

Susan said...

Summer is for doing. Winter is for sleeping.

juliette said...

That kitty is too much! I am forwarding this post to my Maizie. She wishes we could take our Noodlebug cat everywhere with us. This boy proves that you can - even to a rodeo!

achieve1dream said...

I'm with you on the summer thing although a heat index of 107F weeks on end does get a little exhausting. :)

That cat is absolutely adorable!! Makes me miss a cat I had as a kid that would let me do anything to it.

The Wife said...

I can say I have NEVER seen someone bring a cat to a rodeo! Many dogs but never a cat. Too funny! I'm sure the mom thought it was just easier to let him take it than fight over it. ;o)

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