Monday, January 19, 2009

After work I went out to see Indigo. She was excited as always to see me. This pic is a good example of how her mane grows whiter. On the top it starts about October and grows white. The white hair grows strait up and falls over about the beginning of may. It looks like shes got a fat cresty neck in the winter.

So as I was putting on her halter I was thinking about riding and how much fun it is in the snow so I clipped the lead rope on the side of her halter and tied a knot in the other side and hopped on. She was not at all enthused. There is a HUGE drift right off of the old silo foundation thats a good 3 feet tall. I made her walk through it and she was not amused. I wish I had my camera. The drift was so big her belly made a drag mark in it and it was so damn cute. Fat woolly neighs.

Riding a horse bareback through snow drifts when they are lifting their legs all high and funny has to be the weirdest sensation. I almost tumbled off her butt when she skittered up onto the old silo foundation then back down. Sheba noticed me riding her and got all interested and started following us around, which made Indigo MAD. She was like "QUIT FOLLOWING ME!" It's funny because when Sheba comes close to Indigo and ticks her off she bites her own side. I often find slobber marks on her barrel near her hip and I know Sheba was near her and making her angry.

Maybe I'll actually go out and ride her in the fields sometime. Time, yeah thats a good one. Anyone got some spare time they want to sell me?


The Wife said...

That sounded like a lot of fun! I wish I had some time to lend ya. I haven't managed to get back to exercising. Got too many things to do in the evenings with the animals to add that in!

Sydney said...

I got some today, but not enough to ride. Will write about it later.

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