Thursday, January 29, 2009


Tag from ponygirl

My blundstones. I wouldn't trade them for any boots in the world and I wouldn't hesitate buying another pair since these ones have lasted me 8 years and now I got a new pair.
I think you can tell the second you put on a pair of shoes if they are gonna be good. Some shoes you may not like but they eventually wear in and become the pair you should, but don't wanna trash.

Every time we go on a long shopping trip I wear my blunnies. Everyone else complains of back pain but not me.
The other day my friend Michelle came with me along my farm chores. I gave her the old pair of blundstones to wear. She exclaims "wow these are comfy no wonder why you like them so much!" I rest my case. Try on a pair of blundstones and you'll never go back. English, western, everyplace in between they are just right.

Here are the new ones, or one rather since I was sitting on the gate. Indigo approves of them but they still don't smell like the old boots she says. Oh the farms and miles those boots have traveled. I bet they smell real good. I have to keep them on the dryer or else my dog tries to claim them and would probably eat them if she had the choice. My mom tried to take them from her one day and she snarled real nasty like as if to say "those are MY smelly things!"
Mom has even had to throw them into the patio a time or two. Yeah those boots have been through a lot of shit and so have I. I wouldn't trade them or the shit though, it's part of who I am and who I will be.


Pony Girl said...

They DO look comfortable! Eight years is a long time to last for a pair of boots you are wearing around muddy paddocks and 1100 pound equines, so that must be a testament to their quality.
Thanks for participating in the tag! :)

Sydney said...

They are amazing quality. The only thing that is wrong with them is the soles cracked and because the way they are attached to the leather they can't be repaired easily. They literally melt the rubber to the leather. I usually go through a pair of boots in 6 months or less so that says something.

growingwhileshrinking said...

Do you have the regular kind or the safety kind?

Are they as great to ride in?

I've been drooling over them for years - but now that I have my own horse (wee - he did awesome in his nurtural bridle, and impressed everyone "you ride that big horse without a bit?"), I can likely justify them as a birthday gift for myself of something...

Sydney said...

The regular 500 in stout brown. I usually buy black boots but theres something just right about brown blundstones.

They are awesome to ride in. I got lots of boots but they definately take the cake for best boots I have ever spent money on. Even my custom show boots which cost more than them can't compare. The bottoms are slip resistant and resistant to oils and chemicals.

Haha, thats great! I am so glad your boy went well. Sounds like a typical case of "don't you need a bit to control a big strong animal" good luck and happy trails.

growingwhileshrinking said...

have I sent you photos of him yet?

Sydney said...

Nope. Make sure you send your pictures and story to zoe too!

growingwhileshrinking said...

I have written my finding my horse story on my blog.

if you have a moment - you can check it out!

Sydney said...

Awesome, I shall check it out :D

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