Monday, January 5, 2009

Time heals all wounds

It's been a month and one day since Naigen was laid to rest. It feels like only yesterday.

I was doing stalls this morning and I opened the back door and had to do a double take then peel back inside the barn to shake my head and take yet another look. Pistachio, the little white pony who is now Shorti's pasture mate was standing just in the shed where Naigen always did. She turned her head to look at me and the only thing that was missing was the whicker to acknowledge my presence. I swear I had seen Naigen standing there.

Audry took her death a lot harder than I did. I have two other horses to call my own and many more to console with. She has no horse now. Jane says that she is still hurting over the loss and her eyes tear up every time she talks about the old girl.

It's a sore subject and kind of a love hate relationship. We love to talk about memories we have made with her. We hate to bring them up because it opens old wounds we are trying to heal.

I miss the way she would neigh to me every day when she seen me. The way she would sigh when she was in the cross ties or with you and content; no other horse sighs quite like she did. She would kind of inhale three times real quick then exhale in one big breath and everything about her would be at ease. She did it every time she was rubbed, or being groomed or just standing quietly next to you. She let all your problems melt off and onto her.

Sure I could do the same thing with Indigo but theres only the rare moments where we are both still, my arms around her and then they only last a few seconds. She'll be back to tryin to lick my coat or nuzzle me all over. Still those seconds seem like hours to me when I am sad or alone, my face buried in her wooly neck and long soft mane.

Love and kindness know no boundaries, no limits no ends.
Time heals all wounds but a friend helps time along.

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The Wife said...

That was very lovely. Time does heal all wounds and sweet memories will last forever.

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