Thursday, January 1, 2009


Crazy M ranch

Tell ten things about yourself

Lets see...where to start. I gotta rack my brain for ten things interesting enough about me. One is hard enough but ten!?

Ok so here goes.

1. Since everyone has one on fighting heres mine: A kid in highschool picked a fight with me. He was at least two times my size and everyone respected him (the wanker). He came up behind me, punched me in the back of the head and I turned around and beat the living snot out of him. Didn't hold back an inch. It was in a stairwell at Amherst highschool, he fell down it. His friends all split and he took off shortly after. The 5'8, probably 100 pound soaking wet girl. He never messed with me again. He got suspended I got a detention.
I also punched a guy in a bar. He thought I was his friend and did the crotch grab at me and my first instinch was to whallop him one in the side of the head. It knocked him down. He looked up and said "Woah, you got my respect but I thought you were someone else!" Moral of the story, don't mess with this country chick.

2. When the hay is being baled I am the first one to be called. I'll be there on time, in the right clothes and ready to work. Then they call the guys. Funny eh?

Darn it this is hard.

3. I never got rid of my horse toys/barbies (I only kept the ones with the bendable legs because they could ride XD) My moms best friend Souix told me when I was young a horse girl never gets rid of her horse toys because some day they can be passed on and many more memories can be created. I have over 50.

4. I love art, braiding, painting, drawing, CREATION!!! Writing is art.
Recently I have taught myself (yes!) how to braid horse hair. Nope not on the horses. I have been doing that for years but rather making bracelets, hat bands, necklaces and earrings. Check them out my gallery You can check my other art and photography there too. I do commissions. Want a bracelet from your horses hair? I can do that.

5. I have a weakness for cute puffy nose nickers my horses do. You know the ones you can barely hear but their nostrils are all a flutter when they see you. I just melt. Indigo does it every time and Naigen used to do it but louder when she seen me. I just want to grab their cute noses and squeeze them. I love them.

6. My horses have to know some sort of trick. Indigo can bow, smile and turn her head left and right on command. Keebler does target training and will touch any object I point to in the arena. Naigen, well she just touched so many hearts she didn't need a trick. Her trick was to put her head in your hands and let all your worries fall off you and onto her. I miss her so much.

7. I like shiny things. No I am serious. If people have earrings and they are talking to me I find myself looking at them. I honestly can't help myself XD. My descision to buy things is often swayed by their shinyness

8. I have a woopee cushion. I laugh every time someone farts it. I also laugh at real farts. Yeah I am like that. I can hang with the best of them and laugh with the worst.

9. Guys make better friends. You can be yourself and do crazy things but no one can replace the girls best friend. I am glad mine came home for the holidays.

10. So I am running out of ideas. Oh, I know. I am not normally a shy person, except when I know someone likes me, like you know boys. Yeah. I become a total avoider and try and avoid that person which sometimes drives them away. Dammit!

So I tag all of you who read this, which probably isnt many but thats ok. Happy new year!


The Wife said...

Those were great! I like your horse hair bracelets. You do a very nice job! I can so relate to you with #8. Hence my nickname "Master Blaster!" Yeah, I know I shouldn't be proud of it but secretly I am! I think the most girl friends I have ever had have been here on my blog. I always run with the guys. Just seems simpler. Or maybe the guys I run with are just simple? Hmmm.

I am so glad you took me up on this. I feel like I know you 10x more now.

Sydney said...

Thanks. Honestly I'll probably think of more interesting things in the near future and write about them too lol!
All my friends that are girls don't want to do crazy things like go real fast.
But the girls are always there for you.

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