Sunday, January 11, 2009


waaaah my browser spontaneously died so I lost my whole post >:C

Anyway. It snowed a lot. Probably the most in a few years anyway a foot and a half. SLEIGH TIME!! But I hate the cold. I am going to go "neighbogaining" when you ride a horse and pull someone on a sleigh. Great fun.

Anyway. I made an animation. The first one since high school. Unfortunately my main computer then had an epic meltdown and it ATE my hard drive. Like little bits inside that make it spin were ate, just...gone. So yeah. I made this animation and yeah its got a kind of watermark on it because of art theifs. Damn them. They are the lowest of all lowly scum. But still a step ahead of ex boyfriends.

Wait for it to load. May take a few seconds theres 15 frames or so.
Guh, blogger won't let me upload flash files. Poo on it. It sucks. Yeah so eventually it will have colour.

Did I mention I do web development and graphic design. Anyone need banners or web layouts or Blog layouts? I do comissions. I am also doing comissions on the horse hair jewlery. I got a couple orders that need to go back to their owners on Monday. A hat band and two bracelets. the hat band was fun to do. If you are interested post here. Check out my deviant art gallery

yup so that pretty much sums up today. Cold, snowy and such.


The Wife said...

You are just all kinds of creative! I seem to be surrounded by creative people in bloggie land.

Sydney said...

Why thank you.

Horse people are often creative people. At least horse trainers it seems. Can always come up with new ways to figure out problems or make things interesting.

I intend to get a bit deeper in my web and graphic design.

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