Saturday, July 4, 2009


I bet you can guess when I have been.
Off in busy, busy land. I haven't picked up my camera once this week.
Ok I lied, I moved it from my shelf to my computer desk, but that's it I swear.

I have a Sikh wedding tomorrow with Indigo. It involves a white(gray right, pffft non horse people) arabian mare with a red blanket or saddle pad lead by a woman dressed in red. No black, no white, red. Oh and the groom rides the horse. Fun, fun. They also wanted a carriage so we had to borrow the white vie sa ve from a fellow carriage driver friend of ours. It worked out in all our favor but mine...I have to wear all red. Red looks terrible on me.

So I go to the local value village (thrift chain store) and buy the most hideous pair of red pants I could find. Why them, well they were the only ones that vaguely fit. Let's just say they could be a tamed down version of McHammer's parachute pants. Just a bit. I hate them but hey, it's a business *note to self burn pants and start the hopeless search for a pair of red pants that kind of fit better*

Luckily I have a red blaizer for show that fits. I still hate those pants. Know why I still hate them? Well rule no 1 of washing red stuff is never wash it with white stuff, especially 90% of the socks you own.
I hate pink. I now have pink socks. Not even nice pink socks, splotchy, pinky ugly socks.
Oh pink socks how I hate thee.

Anyway how I mentioned about a contest, I've been trying to find the time to put it up here. It's coming. It'll be great. I am getting the prizes ready as well as some pay it forward stuff. Great fun =D Stay tuned.


Ed said...

VERY COOL!!!! That you got to participate was an honor, even though the colors are horrible. Are ya going to post any pics of the event??? Let me know if you do..:-)

Sydney said...

I'll have to see what was taken. I was leading my horse or else I would have been taking pictures.

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