Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bitless horse blog in Ireland: training day

Today we started off the usual way with a great breakfast followed by getting some young horses together for a training day. Gerry was to work with some horses in preparation of riding them.

The first horse into the ring, or rather pony was Rebel, a 4 year old Connamara stallion. Starting out we were under assumption that the horses had some handling other than being lead. That is a whole other story.

Rebel was decently behaved for a stallion. He was not mean, just inexperienced and a little fearful of being in a new place with so much going on at once. Gerry worked with him for a wile.

Putting on the Nurtural bridle.

He was a tough case, having never been really worked with before other than leading and breeding mares. We made a little progress.

Gerry went for a break and I worked with him. The mare in the next paddock was distracting to him. You would have his attention for a few seconds then it would be gone on to other things, which is often the case with stallions. Most of them have a one track mind.

I got up until putting on the saddle pad, which he was a little apprehensive about, kicking out towards it a few times out of fear before he accepted it on his back and settled.

Next it was on to a 3 year old Sport horse mare named "no-name".
She had a 2 month old "oops" at her side.
A very cute oops.

They had been separated a few times before but obviously not for long as they both screamed and hollered for each other from opposite sides of the farm.

The first thing I noticed, No-name was completely terrified of human touch. A hand on her chest would send her skyward, hooves lashing out. But she was not a mean mare and her owners did not know that. After a little wile working with her Gerry was able to calm her down and accept touching on her sides and back.

Then the farrier that came with the owner speaks up to me he says "Yeah she was lame a little wile ago. I tried to pick up her feet and she struck out with both hooves at me" I raised an eyebrow. The owner is kind of a rough guy. He went to bring the mare back to the stall with the foal at lunch. I knew something was up the way he walked into the stall and smacked the foal on the nose then smacked the mare several times with the lead rope to get her out of his way. She was terrified of him and with good reason; there was no understanding there, just temper.
Long story short we talked with them for a few minutes and talked more about how she was handled and Gerry worked with her and was able to pick up all four feet. The farrier went home and got his tools and for the first time this horse had a trim where before it would have ended up in someone's teeth (AKA: the poor farrier who got kicked in the chest I do believe by her)

All ended well and we had a dressage and jumping lesson (minus pictures I was riding and jumping) We are preparing for the Interdressage competition to commence here on Saturday. It should be fun, I can't wait!


allhorsestuff said...

ooou I LOVE that Mare that has such a kind eye...and should be named accordingly! I am seething that she has to have such an owner! I want her!

Neat the poor mare's is why I can not go into rescue situations..I am already attached and want to save her!
Happy for you though...but no pics of You jumping...I am sad...but you HAVE to get photo's of your interdressage day!
Be well, and know that all of us wish we could be there Too!

from my front porch... said...

Oh, I feel the same as Sydney..seething over that %#@* owner! Use the time to maybe speak with him about it. You could tell him that in Canada and U.S. we hang people for animal abuse! Of course we don't but in my opinion,

Thinking of you in Ireland!
xo, misha

Jessie McCandless said...

That is so sad about the mare. The guy is obviously afraid of her but puts on the tough-guy act to hide it. Why even have her then? Ugh....

All your Ireland pics are fantastic! Can't wait to see more :))

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Poor mare and foal. :(

Would have loved to see some photos and video of you jumping and doing dressage.

See you really do need me there to be your photographer. teehee!

Anonymous said...

What is the address ? What he needs is a good old fashioned .. *deep breath .. SPANKING !

Grey Horse Matters said...

Poor little mare and foal. People like her owner should not be allowed near horses. I hope it turns out well for her. Perhaps she may kick him in the head and knock some sense into him.

Looks like a you're having a good time there.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh Sydney...I am looking desperately about for your article on "What's lurking in the Grass?"
I had a glitch at my barn today and wanted to read up again...can you point me in the right direction? Previously Foundered horse info...

Bet you are having too much fun to post!

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