Friday, July 31, 2009

Creepy crawlers

(NOTE: I did not take either of these pics. The first one I would have shit my pants and killed the mr.legs before getting close enough to take a pic and the second one well, I tend to get bit by fox snakes when I attempt at catching them. Or just disturbing their home without intentionally knowing. They are both off of a stock photo site

Been real busy. I can't wait until I get to go on vacation in August. I need one so bad.

Anyway lately theres been a lot of creepy crawlies around here. Not that I don't like spiders or any of that. I don't mind them but theres one species that absolutely gives me the shivers.

Mr.Legs. You know, the tan with black stripes and 6328748032704832 legs. Better known as centipedes. uugghhh... I hate them.

One of the water taps broke at work. I had to go into the pump house and shut the main water off. I open the door and turn on the light. There sitting on the tap is THE BIGGEST MR.LEGS I HAVE EVER SEEN! I shreiked and shuddered. Now if you know me I am not the girly, screaming, "omg get the bug off me or I am going to explode" type. I tend to smush stuff and go about my day. Not with Mr.Legs. They give me the shivers every time. Just looking at that picture makes me shudder. Anyway back to Mr.Legs, or Mammoth Mr.Legs as I called it. SIX FRIGGN INCHES LONG!! I just about had a heart attack. Before I could kill it he legged away in a second.

The next day I came back. Armed with a can of raid and a bucket brush I opened the pump house. There was Mammoth Mr.Legs waving his 6382947903278 legs at me. With him was a family of significantly smaller legs Jr. Mammoth legs met my bucket brush, legs Jr. met

End of story. I HAAAATTTTEEE those things.

Today I was baling straw. I got there a bit late because I was working. I was hopping over windrows of straw when I step square on A BIG FOX SNAKE! A good 3 inches around and I am not afraid of snakes. I even used to play with them as a child. Fox snakes are not poisonous but they are mean. They also immitate rattlers which has make them endangered. When people began killing rattlers they got the blame. Poor fox snakes. Anyway I stepped on him, he lunged out, catching me by suprise. I leapt right over the whole windrow and he darted into it. My dad was driving the tractor. He is sitting there going "what the heck is her problem" as I just about jump out of my skin. I've been bit before by a fox snake. Good thing real rattlers are scarce around here and we don't have many more.

Not much else going on around here unless you want to hear about my 16 page research paper I have to write.
Oh I got my camera back oh how I missed thee.


Carroll Farm said...

I really don't like snakes with rattles. I am ok with the California Kings - they are nice, I am ok with the Boa, Pythons and such but NOT rattle snakes. I can hardly go outside my house without having a heart attach during the summer - even in my own backyard. I can handle everything else, my hubby screams and calls me to kill the spiders, scorpions are really not a big deal... O, black widow spiders scare me as much as rattle snakes...

Love the Mr. Legs picture!

Jo said...

There are Mr. Legs all over where I work, I don't mind them at all.

But I am afraid of spiders

lisa said...

OOhh yuck!! I am sorry, I am not a girlie girl either and I hate bugs, any way, but that Mr. legs would be my down fall. The snake would make me jump but I do love snakes. Good pic of Mr. Legs!!

Sydney said...

Carroll Farm- Oh dear I've yet to encounter scorpions. I don't know what I would do. Rattle snakes are rare around here but the fox snakes imitate them. They aren't poisonous.

Jo- uugghhh you brave soul.

Jessie said...

The Mr Legs pic grossed me out, but the snake is so cute--he has such big eyes!! That still would have made me jump, though, but I'd be screaming 10 times louder if that centipede had jumped on me! LOL!!

Andrea said...

EAKKKKKK I don't think I like either of those creatures! I have this theory about snakes. Animals just should not NOT have legs!! *shiver* they just creep me out!! I do like them in the fact that some eat mice!! That is a plus!! When do you go on vacation? Vacations are wonderful!!!

My word verification is: horses

Sydney said...

Jesse- I probably would have had a heart attack if a mr.legs was on me.

Andrea- I am going to my friends moms house 14ish hours from here. 2 hours from any civilization. We are gonna go camping and hiking and swimming and just fun. That is the best verification word. I had boobs once, it was funny ;P

Ed said...

O.K. that first pic is FANTASTIC!!!! Great detail, cool Fox snake too..:-)

Sydney said...

Unfortunately I did not take either of those pics. They were on stock photo sites.

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