Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Scrapped again!?

Yeah, so I've got this award twice. The first time from the wife The second from one red horseI guess it would be a little rude of me to decline so I'll do 10 more, this is the last time people! lol I appreciate it though. Lets hope I don't overlap the last one
The rules, you gotta tell 10 things to your readers that they don't know.

1. I'm graduating from the University of Guelphs Equine Science program in August! I will be in the first class. Woopee!

2. I have never smoked, I have never done drugs, I rarely drink. Horses are my drug (or anti? I think it's an addiction). I don't ever plan giving myself to addiction like a lot of my family has and now overcome. It's a hereditary condition you know.

3. My one girly habit...I love, love, love nailpolish. I have too many bottles of it. I always have my nails painted or at least clear coated.

4. I can't wear makeup often. I have eczema pretty bad. I got it on my arm in a huge patch and the doctor thought it was ringworm, then it spread to both my eyelids. It was extremely painful. I can remember sitting in class with a water bottle and dribbling water onto my lids because it hurt so much. It's gone away mostly now to tiny patches smaller than a cm in my eyebrows. If I wear makeup I have to be really careful and wash my face within a few hours. Plus who want's to wear makeup? It doesn't go with barn dirt.
Oh I also get my eyebrows threaded regularly. Having a strong ukranian anscestry they would be thick and black within two weeks. If you haven't had your eyebrows threaded look it up, it's more irritating than painful and doesn't hurt like waxing or plucking and lasts just as long.

5. I think every horse should have a job. A horse with a job is a well minded horse. If they can make you money at their job that's great. Each one of my horses has either paid for themselves every month or paid for their vet bills for a year, sometimes more. People are so suprised when my horses are so quiet and tolerate a lot of crazy, scary things. They ask me my secret, I just tell em: wet saddle pads and many miles.

6. I've been single for over a year. Yeah, it feels real good.
My ex was a lazy welfare case. I don't know why I ever went out with him for as long as I did. Now that I see the crap he's doing I think was he just not doing that crap because he knew I would rip up one side of him and down another? Sheesh. Talk about complete opposites. I am such an outgoing, hard worker and he is such a lazy slacker. Complete opposites.

7. I've met some nice guys between then and now, mostly just friend material. None were worth my time. I'll be waiting for my cowboy ;). Hey a girl can dream, right?

8. I hope I am going to go to st.clair college this winter for vet tech. So long as I can get my stuff together and get motivated.

9. I brought home my newest toy today. Now I just gotta wait 6 or more months for snow to use it. Guess what it is? It has two runners and shaves and has a dodgy red paint job, which will be re-done. Yup I got a real old sleigh. Useable but old. At least 100 years. I'm gonna find out just how old it is next week.

10. I still have and sleep(kind of) with my stuffed animals. I have Mr.Bear, a teddy bear my aunt gave me days after I was born. When my mom used to wash him and dry him I would bawl my eyes out and pound the washer and dryer screaming "YOUR KILLING HIM!!". My mom found it ammusing, now that I think about it I was a little traumatized over it. Hahaha.

There ya go, I tagged a few people before so here are 5 people that I will tag. I may get to posting this on your blog later but if you read it, you've been scrapped. I would really love to see your scrapped post, please link me back. I love reading all your blogs, even if they are not horse related.

1. Jo at my own breed of random (you all should really read her blog, especially the footer picture in her blog. What a trooper, I would have died if I had to clean that up)

2. Andrea at swamp suburbia

3. Lisa at laughing Orcha Ranch

4. Fantastyk Voyager at Fantastyk Voyage

5. Jessie Baker at rose valley ranch

All are great blogs, check them out. Oh and if you have already got this award/tag/meme please tell me and if you don't want to do it I can tag someone else. Easy peasy.


One Red Horse said...

Oh dear, I tried to skip folks who already had an Honest Scrap award. Did a search of the term, must have missed something. thanks for being a good sport.

Pony Girl said...

Great post Sydney! It was fun to learn more about you. I'm waiting for my cowboy too....or at least someone I can turn into a cowboy, LOL! And I sleep with a stuffed animal, too!
I've gotten this award again too and need to work on my post!

Sydney said...

One red horse: don't worry about it. I enjoy it =D

PG: Convert or converted as long as he understands my horses come first ;)

Jo said...

OMgoodness! I didn't think that anyone would look all the way down at the bottom of my blog. I added two other pics from the same day.

I shall do the post thingy. :)

Sydney said...

XD hahaha it's terrible but hilarious.

One Red Horse said...

Ah, about that cowboy . . . if he has an older uncle . . . maybe father? Link him my way. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation and all your hard work. You write beautifully and I have a hunch many, many equines will have you to thank for their improved quality of life. Sure you don't want to become a barefoot trimmer?

Sydney said...

You know ever since I was a little girl I wanted to trim horses feet and I love working with iron in the forge. I guess in the last 5 years everyone convinced me otherwise. I still have plenty of years ahead of me.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Aw, thanks! I will work on a post very soon although I must warn you; I'm not that interesting.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I enjoyed learning more about you Sidney. You are on smart cookie and seem to have a wise and good head on your shoulders. I don't sleep with stuffies anymore, but I do have a couple on my nightstand and above the headboard....and they must be there...or I can't sleep. hehe!

I hope you have fun with your new toy when winter rolls around again. You should post pics of it, too.

I've been tagged for this Scraps thing a few times and recently, too. I have to honestly say I cringe at just the thought of doing one. I don't know what to say or am just too uncomfortable sharing anything that might be interesting to anyone.
So don't take it personal, but I'd rather pass it on to someone else.

But thanks for thinking of me. You're so thoughtful that way :)


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