Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh no I got caught!

Red bucketed!

Charming ain't I? Rubber boots, no socks, some capri pants, hay in my hair. I used to wear those really comfy but hideous shoes called crocs. Well I learned my lesson when I went to feed the horses one night, walked out into the barnyard where I thought was dirt covered cement and stepped shin deep in a stinking pee hole. EWWGH!

Moral of this story: there is a reason I have barn shoes, or rubber boots in this case.


Jo said...

Wait- are those the boots you left in Blake? No wonder you wanted them back.

Its pictures like this that make us wonderfully admired for our hard working abilities and boldness.

Awesome Attire!

Hey! Attire...A Tire!

Paint Girl said...

I have rubber boots and I love them! I have to wear them almost year round because of all the rain we usually get. I can't live without them!

The Wife said...

Very nice! I think we all have an outfit like that. Just don't get it on film!

lisa said...

No worse than shorts and boots (muck boots). You will see me do that once in while. I try to do it when no one is looking!! Try having your boot come off!!

One Red Horse said...

Hi Sydney - Red has a problem. I reverted to bits (hanging head in shame). Really think he was very upset over this (am I silly here?). Anyway, do you have any tips about teaching poll flexion and building towards collection using bitless bridles? Thanks, Cherie

Sydney said...

Jo- No, these are one of the three pairs I have. This pair stays at the barn.

Lisa- I have had one come off. Just in a swamp, not at the barn thankfully, and not. The boot got stuck and I ended up standing in the swamp water tugging on it wile I got my leg and sock all soaked.

One red horse- That has to be the most common question I have asked. First I would recommend your horse know how to flex. Right to your boot, left to your boot and vertically (At the poll). This really requires a post but I can leave you something here. This is how I teach vertical flexion. I will pick up both reins, pull back to just below my hips and plant my hands there. The horse will probably back and throw his head. Don't use leg or make him move, he will stop, be it bump into something etc. As soon as the horse stops his feet and tucks his head in, even if it's a tiny bit throw your reins onto his neck, pat, praise. Practice this (with breaks between) so that as soon as you pick up on your reins your horse immediately softens and flexes vertically. Once your horse does it reliably wile standing still do it at the walk, trot, canter etc. Don't be in a rush. A lot of horses need to build up topline muscle before this is easy for them.
With a bit it is easy to crank the horses head to his chest. A lot of riders are falsely collecting their horse by pulling his head in. A lot of riders also can't see when a horse is properly collected or not. To have a horse properly collected his hind end has to be engaged. If his hind end is not engaged he is all strung out. I'll see if I can find pictures somewhere and make a post out of it.

One Red Horse said...

Thanks Sydney, we have good lateral flexion - when I got Red he was Mr. Stiff horse, he now bends nicely in hand and from the saddle. We will try your idea. Red is an "upside down" horse and I've been working on building his topline.

Sydney said...

Your welcome. If I have time in the near future I'll use one of my horses that doesn't know vertical flexion with a bitless and do a tutorial.

Andrea said...

That is what I wear every day!! LOL! Us barn ladies are one sexy bunch!! I wear my crocs out to the barn a lot too!!

And I have not forgotten that you scrapped me!! I am just having a heck of a time getting caught up on my blogging!!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I've got my scrap post up now. Check it out at

I usually wear wool socks with my crocs because my feet are so dried out. I also alternate with mud boots.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I know you're doing horsie work, but you remind me of little Heidi after milking the buckets splishing and splashing full with milk. lol!
I can't wear my muck boots in the summertime as they make my feet sweat terrible. But I have some black rubber clogs that I wear to muck...and yes, I've stepped in s pile of wet poo and pee wearing them. Of course they only ooze at the heel, but still. gah!


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