Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Full moon Monday

yup people are crazy today.


Paint Girl said...

Beautiful moon picture!!
Lots of crazies out there!

Sydney said...

Tell me about it. As I was taking that picture I hear all this commotion. There was two cop cars and two other cars. The cops chased and tackled this guy then cuffed him. It was a drug bust. I was sitting on the beach hill by the tree and it was almost midnight. I split real quick.

One Red Horse said...

What a great moon shot. Dropped by to pass along the "honest scrap". Here is my little award speech:

The Honest Scrap is one of my favorite awards circulating in the blogosphere. I enjoy it because it gives the blog writer a chance to share some little known facts about theirself. Please accept this award, drop by my blog to check the rules and have fun passing it on.

The Wife said...

Just today? I think there is a continuous full moon hanging somewhere!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yes, I totally agree. Crazy people.

Beautiful moon photo, though :)


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