Wednesday, July 15, 2009

wordle...wheaty wednesday

Looks like it's just about time to be harvesting this stuff.

Indigo did the cutest thing last night. After I had driven her (and popped both tires on the old jogging cart going over a ditch the neighbor dug back the field I couldn't see) I put her halter back on and let her wander out the door by herself to eat some grass. I never have to worry about her, she never goes far. So I am getting all the horses grain ready and I can just see her butt outside the door. I see her at a brisk walk make her way almost all the way to the freshly cut alfalfa field. The hay was lying in windrows and I knew she was gonna make a nab for some. Just as she lifted her head about to go the next few feet it would take to put her in hay heaven I walked out the door with the grain buckets. Her head shot up as I said her name, I could practically see her eyes sparkle. She seen the usual red grain buckets and my watering can for her hay. I turned around, thinking I was going to put the watering can down and come back for it, Indigo trots up to me. I decided to see how this would work and turned around and walked strait back into the barn. It's the isle I've walked her so many times. I didn't even touch her leadrope that was still draped over her back. She followed right at my shoulder doing a few cute puffy nose nickers along the way. I stopped at the back door, she stopped three feet behind me, grabbed a mouthful of hay out of the wheelbarrow and waited until I unlatched and opened the big door, she stepped out and turned around, waiting for me to take her halter off. Oh your such a good girl Indigo. I didn't even touch her that whole time. She stopped without running into me and waited until I had the door open to go out. I feel safe in saying she totally respects me and my space. It's a good, fuzzy, warm nickery feeling.


One Red Horse said...

Isn't it wonderful to just "hang out" with your horse. Red's favorite moments are when the barn is empty and I put the lead over his shoulder and turn him lose. He pokes his nose into everything, follow me around to see what I'm doing, cruises over to our tack room and munches on the hay bale that is in the front corner. We both enjoy this time, just hangin'.

lisa said...

I think that is so cool, I love it when all i have to do is walk into the pasture and the horses come running, especially Sirocco!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww, Indigo is a sweetie. Of course, much of her good behavior is due to all the work and training and care you show her. You're a good horse Mom. :)


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