Monday, July 27, 2009

Macro Monday

Macro Monday

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This happens to be an old image. Why you ask? Well a wile back my Aunt and professional photographer had a flood in her basement because the neighbor knocked off her eves trough spout. A lot of her art and all of her (appraised for over 2 grand) photography equipment, including several cameras, lenses, various other attachments etc got completely ruined. She was very upset. There was a lot of stuff that was irreplaceable down there.

I got my D60. It had been a wile since she got a new camera. She used mine, the only person I trust to use my camera. She pressed down the shutter, gasped and said to me "uuhh, Syd. It just took four pictures, is that normal?" I laughed and explained how many images per second it took.

She fell in love instantly. Since her insurance on all her damaged stuff came in she decided she also wants a new Nikon. She is scooping up a D90 though (I bet you can feel the jealously from here) She also has the rule like I do, NO ONE TOUCHES MY CAMERA BUT ME! But I begged and pleaded and shes gonna let me take some pictures with it when she gets it. Just me. I feel honoured.
So my whole thing with this deal was about my Cousin Ken's wedding. My cousin Ken and I have always been very close. He got married and was having a reception and party the only thing is his wifes parents were paying for the whole thing. They got to say who came and who didn't. Ken wanted me there so bad. I wanted to go so bad. I felt terrible. He teared up when I was on the phone with him when he said her parents said no cousins. So my aunt was going. I gave her my camera to take pictures since she is without a camera and I couldn't go. She has had it since Saturday morning. I AM GOING INTO FRIGGN WITHDRAWLS!!! UGHHH!! It's not like I can just hop over there and get it back because she lives in the city. The city is 45 minutes, about 55 to her house. I might go a little stir crazy. I just might.


Jo said...

OMG I would go crazy without my camera. Poor syd....

Ed said...

I sympathize totally, luckily I have my D50 as a backup for my D80 great shot of the barb wire..:-)

Anonymous said...

i love barb wire fence, they're always been so interesting to me
awesome depth of field in this one

Celeste said...

That is a tough one, can't imagine not having my camera.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great macro shot of the barbed wire, hope you get your camera back soon:)

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