Thursday, July 23, 2009


Already!?!? Geebus.

So as you might have noticed I have been running in circles this week. My family friends granddaughter Faith is here and is constantly following me everywhere so I always let her ride and drive Indigo. She is like my little shadow and was extremely disappointed she missed me the other day.

I've had the time to get a bunch of pictures but I have over 500 to go through.

I want to post stuff about the clinic I went to on the weekend, which was amazing and the guy who was running it and giving lessons is really cute ;)
He had me cantering figure eights with Indigo, in the carriage. Normally when I am driving her cantering comes with consequences. Seeing as she always wants to canter home as soon as she would break gait I would immediately start making her do serpentines. Made it hard to canter well and she gave up trying to break gait, not until after I drove her into a few bushes though to really make my point sink in that no means NO! She had a hard time figuring I wanted her to canter. I had to do a lot of kissing and tapping every few feet with my whip to get the idea. She quite enjoyed herself.

Speaking of bushes. The day before the clinic I was driving Indigo and had faith with me in the stud cart (big wooden cart with huge wooden spoked wheels, I love it). Faith wanted to pick berries. I showed her where the mulberries were. Indigo stopped and we had a compromise. She stood still and I let her eat some tall grasses wile faith and I picked and put the berries in a container. Then we went another 1/2 mile down the lane but I had to let faith right out of the carriage. Indigo was standing pretty good. Or was until the mosquitoes started to attack her. She got really frustrated. My whip was in the holder and because going forward wasn't allowed she backed up, very rapidly. About this time I am hollering at her, faith dives out of the way to avoid being backed over and indigo promptly backs me into a bunch of bushes, scraping my arms as I gave her a good ol smack on the butt to get her motivated. Oh you goofy neigh, you are lucky I love you!

So yeah tonight I have a 4-H meeting for my horse club at my place, tomorrow I gotta give carriage rides, saturday I have to go out for breakfast, do 14 stalls, go to a tack shop sale, do a wedding then go out with friends I don't doubt it will be Sunday before I appear around here again. Have a good rest of the week.


Carroll Farm said...

You have been busy! I finally got time to catch up on your blog. Your horse is a beauty! Loved the Sunday stills - nuts - that's funny :)

Sydney said...

Thank you. That one isn't Indigo though, a gelding and not spotty enough. Props to whoever can name his breed.

Jo said...

blog song is freaking awesome!!!

Sydney said...

XD it is!

lisa said...

Sounds like you are a very busy lady!! A carriage ride sounds awesome, I'll be right over!! Hehehe

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