Friday, May 15, 2009


A summary of my week:
Monday: get up and go to work. Work until 3 then go see Indigo. Ride Indigo then ride Sophie. Go home eat, carriage club meeting, go home and sleep
Tuesday: Get up earlier and go to work. Drive 4 ponies, get done at 4. Mow the round pen and almost kill the lawnmower. Note to self: don't let the grass get that long next time. Ride Indigo, Sophie and Suzy. Go home, eat and go on the computer then bed.
Wednesday: get up go to work get done at 3. Pet Indigo and then run off to the city for Costco and other various things. Run around the city trying to find stupid stir sticks! Sheesh how hard is that!? Apparently it's complicated. I also went into future shop and costco and oggled the cameras and new monitors. Oh what I wouldn't do for a Nikon D90 *insert drool on keyboard* Hmm, new car or camera, new car or camera.........more on this later.
Thursday: get up and go to work, done by 2. At about this point I went out into the machine shed to get our HUGE cooler. I took the veranda chairs that were on it off and lift the cooler. Uh oh, something wasn't right. There was something in it. Big uh oh!
I opened it only to find OLD BLOWN UP POP!! UUGHHHH. Another 15 minutes gone to wash the cooler then bleach the crap out of it. Yuck!! Then I washed the car because the maple trees are littering maple bits all over it and I vaccumed it because you know what happens when your car is a rolling tack box. I never usually leave anything in it...but dirt.
Run to town to get donations of pop and then to the homestead to drop it off for Sunday. Kris the one lady that organizes events and stuff allowed me to go into the old horse barn hayloft. Wowzers! I wish I would have brought my camera. The cool stuff they have up there! I walked around and oohed and ahhhed at stuff then I noticed in a far dark corner a bunch of harness. I pointed it out to her. She didn't even know what a harness looked like so she took my word for it and we brought some of it down. There were two english saddles up there. One had a pannel ripped off and the other had a cracked tree. Then I had to run back home and get ready for a 4h meeting at Raider paints. We got to see their mares and exceptional stallions IMA quick dream maker and deceptions (whos retired). Wow do they have a lot of nice horses. I have to say the breed/colours I see the worst/best examples of FUGLY and mean/nasty/rancid ass horses are paints. Probably due to the colour trend people forget conformation and brains.
Friday: I got up, went to work, got home, went and picked up my friend. Drove around town looking for her fiancee then drove a town over for a hair salon that was closing. Dammit! I haven't been out to ride Indigo yet and I think we are going to a band show or something. Ugh, tomorrow is going to be a busy day.

Oh more on the camera. Yeah so the reason you don't see more pictures on here is well, I hate my shitty little point and shoot camera. It can't focus on anything and can't take pictures closer than two feet even with the macro setting. It's useless. I'll never buy another Kodak again.

The pooch is back to normal but that was so weird. I am still going to seek out the breeder for information on hip displacia.


Paint Girl said...

Busy week you have had! I have been busy as well, but the weather is improving this weekend and I will get to ride all weekend! Finally!

Sydney said...

It rained like crazy last night and it looks like it might rain again. I have so much to do today. I am inhaling my breakfast right now.

Julie said...

Hey Sydney, if you want to sell your wedge pad - I will buy it from you. I have not ordered a new one yet (lazy me!) Just let me know! Glad I found your blog!

Andrea said...

Wow, you sure were busy. I am glad your dog is doing better. I too would contact the breeder. I hate it when I have lots of stuff planned and I don't get to do any of it. Especially when it comes to riding.

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