Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I think I am on to something

I had imagined doing this but never fathomed it being so soon. Indigo and I are bridleless in an arena/pen! Wow.

Indigo can be kind of a brat sometimes. She has her days when she argues my every move. I think I finally have reached that place where we have an understanding and feel of what the other is going to do before you actually do it.

I had this idea a week ago of riding with a crop and using it to prevent her from nabbing at the grass, a terrible habit of hers.
Anyway it started as me tying the reins in a knot, grabbing the loose end and a handful of mane and testing her will not to grab at the grass. It turned into refining leg cues (shes already very push button) and eventually using just seat/leg to change directions, stop and back up ten or so steps.

Today I was riding around and she was doing real well. I was doing spins and stops and turns on the forehand and haunches without even so much as a finger on the reins. I reached down, undid her bridle and took it off. I then tossed it over the fence and rode her for a half an hour in the pen bridleless! What a good girl. I never imagined she would be the horse I would be riding around with no bridle on! I love how if I would look in a direction her neck would curve and match my line of sight before I even started to apply leg pressure. What a good feeling.

A friend of mine wants to have a step by step on how I was teaching her to turn. Hopefully there will be a video or pictures as soon as I can get a camera person out. It's a fun thing (even with the bridle on) to do with your horse.
I've got a young 4 year old I re-started this spring. She knows how to move away from leg pressure but I think this might get my point across quicker and without the nagging leg.
With Indigo before she would sidepass or however you asked but not more than 5 feet without tail wringing. Now she will sidepass forever without so much as a flick of an ear.

I hope I am on to something ;)


Dog update!

Savanah, Bo, Zoe and Oscar had another play day. This time she got along quicker and without as much barking. Though she did try and bite me a few times in an attempt to stop her damned yapping she does.

She was a lot more at home and relaxed this time as we chatted and the dogs ran around us. We are going to continue our Tuesday walks and plays with the dogs. It's good for all of them to socialize with another dog they don't see every day.


Andrea said...

Hooray!! Sounds amazing. I have not ridden bridless in forever. Even then I still had a rein around their neck. Very cool!! That is so great. :)

Sydney said...

A rein around their neck? Did you neck rein with it?

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