Wednesday, May 6, 2009

That darn dog!

I took Savanah with me last night to a friend I ride with regularly. She is a wonderful horsewoman who works so hard at whatever horse or dog's training she owns. I know she doesn't think so but shes very talented.

We wen't to have a sort of playday with her dogs and Savanah. Savanah loves other dogs and wants to chase them. She hasn't been regularly around other dogs well since we got her and she will be 5 this June.

My friend has three dogs, two pomeranians. They are so effin cute! One Oscar, a black flat coat I fell in love with. He is the happiest dog on the face of the earth. He prances wherever he goes and when you talk to him his little head turns to the side and his ears pirk up. He is adorable. Her other pom is a brown puffy one, but still really cute. Shes pretty good she was a replacement for oscars mum, gidget who was the prettiest pom I have ever seen.

Her third dog and soon to be Savanahs best friend is bo. Bo is a white shepard and possibly the most gorgeous dog I have ever seen. He is a big white ball of playful. If you haven't seen a white shepard they look like german shepards but are white. They aren't albino but a breed on their own.

This is what bo looks like.
Anyway my friend follows Caesar Milan. I admit I have never seen a show of his. We can't get cable out here but the basic stuff and it's expensive for basic cable. Bleah.

Bo tried to jump at Savanah because he wanted to play. Savanah jumped back and was scared of him. Shes used to dogs her size and smaller and bo scared the bejeesus out of her.

So we went for a walk which totally cured both their needs to lunge at or run away. Bo would run and Savanah would follow him then he would turn around, totally ignoring her and she would tuck her tail and bolt back to me. It was so funny.

Savanah was pretty good. She sat when I told her to sit and for the most part didn't open her big yapper.

We both agreed by the end of the play date that we need to regularly get the dogs together and play.


Anonymous said...

You are the best mommy in the whole world!

Luv ya,

Andrea said...

How much fun!! And I love Caesar!! He is awesome with dogs. He has all sorts of DVDs out. I always tell my dogs, "Don't make me get all Caesar on you!!" He is really good.

I bet Bo is beautiful! All white!! I have seen an all black one but not an all white one!! Cool!!

Savanah was brave considering that dog was huge. I know I would be a bit scared too, if a dog was that big and was jumping at me. Good Job Savanah!!

The Wife said...

He's a very cute play date! I bet Savanah has a blast!

Sydney said...

She was so tired on the way home she didn't even sit up when I went through the tim hortons drive thru.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

White shepherds are gorgeous. Our GSD is the typical black/brown color. It's really good to socialize GSD (and any dog) with other dogs or they can become dog agressive. Our previous GSD was a rescue and was already dog agressive when she came to us.
Our GSD we have now is a year old and we really need to find some dog friends so she can have playdates, too.
It's hard to find folks with dogs compatible enough or willing to play rough like bigger dogs often do, though.

I'm glad you guys had a great time.


Dogert said...

I dislike Cesar Millan, his methods work but not for the reasons he claims, and I consider them inhumnane. Glad the dogs had a good time, mental stimulation is a must for GSDs!

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