Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pay it forward

Hey??? Anyone there?? doesn't anyone want to participate?


I guess this game was founded on the internet in 2003. the giving game I have to stand up to my end of the deal because I am going to be getting something from the wife.

The concept is amazingly simple. I give something to someone. A kind deed goes a long way. Instead of paying me back for what I did you simply need to "pay it forward" meaning you repay my kind deed by being kind to someone else.

The first 5 that would like to receive a special gift, it may be hand made, it may be from a store around here just post a comment here then e-mail me (epona_64[AT] with something you would like from me or some interests, hobbies, collections, colours etc. and your mailing address.

The only rule is that if you decide to participate you need to post pay it forward in your blog and give 5 things to some other people. That's it. Simple. A small gift can go a long way in someone else's life.


Jo said...

I do want to participate but I already bought you something, so it won't work. Unless I ignore this and give you it anyways and then give someone something.

Sydney said...

lmao thats great! Theres people out there still. They will come around sooner or later.

Andrea said...

This pay it forward is so fun!! I did it a while back and I am such a slacker and haven't mailed out the things I made.....ugh......

Anonymous said...

Oh, doo doo!

Here is another giveaway I can't participate in because I don't have a blog. I better get my butt in gear and create one.

Procrastinating in TX,
Garlic Man

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I've still got two PIF to follow through with. I have to get my butt in gear. It is fun, though :)


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