Sunday, May 31, 2009


Yeesh can you say busy!?

I didn't even have time to take pictures for Sunday stills for hopefully the last time with my crappy camera.

Oh yeah I didn't mention. I bought a new camera! After months and months of waffling over what camera I wanted I definately knew I had to have a Nikon. Like I mentioned I will never buy another Kodak camera in my life. I played with a d90 and drooled over it's abilities and amazing video feature. I wanted one sooooooooooooooo....sooooo bad!

But alas I really do not want to drain my extra savings. Eep. Oh well. I opted for the Nikon d60 instead. I tried one out once and I was very impressed. Plus the price was 1/3 with all the lenses that I wanted.

I got a tripod, 18-55mm lens to start with, 52 wide angle, 52 telephoto, a carrying case, digital flash and a slave flash (very, very useful! I suggest anyone who has a camera to get one that responds to other flashes they are so handy!). It comes with a 4 gb SD card. I definately do not need any more of those! I have about 6 of them floating around here now filled with images from my other cheapo point and shoot cameras. Good thing. SD cards are so convenient A few UV filters, a 3 stage convertible lens hood and oh I want this. Check out the site and the video spy lens AKA a right angle scope lens. Cool. I always have a hard time getting images of people and them not looking like they are staring down the camera.
I can see this quickly becoming like the horses. I will have no money left at the rate I am going! I also want a few other lenses. Like next on my list is the Nikkor 18-200mm lens. Oh but that is gonna cost almost as much as what I just paid. It's a never ending vicious cycle.

So hopefully by next Thursday I'll have my camera. I shipped it to my Uncles just over the border in Michigan. My mom and I are going over to visit them and get the camera. I think we might go to some craft/hobby stores too. Much fun. I just hope it's in by then. Please let it be in by then!

What kind of cameras do you guys have? Whats your favorite? Whats your fav lens if your camera uses one? What kind of accessories do you use? I wanna hear some camera knowledge. Once I get my camera I am gonna spend a weekend with my Aunt whom is a professional photographer. I love going when she does shoots. It's so much fun and you learn so much.

Right now I have the Kodak easyshare M853 I suggest it to the camera illiterate such as kids and husbands that have no clue how to use a camera. If my dad can use it, anyone can.
Also have an ancient sony digital I cant even remember the name of and a sony cybershot that my mom claimed. It's older but deff better than the kodak dispite the MP differnce.


The Wife said...

Oh happy days!! Even though you got a Nikon!

I'm a Canon girl. And of course, right now, my 85mm lens is my favorite!! Used to be my 70-300mm. I still love it, especially for those far away pics. What else do I have? Umm, a tripod but I hardly ever use it. My coworker bought me a remote. It comes in handy with the tripod. Bought an extra battery. Don't have an external flash. Since I use natural light for everything, I haven't needed one. But if I take pictures at bullridings more, I will most likely invest in one. And I have plenty of UV protectors and a couple polarizers.

You're gonna have so much fun with your new camera!

Sydney said...

I tried a few canons but I liked the professionalism of the Nikon better. Plus ease of use.

I know I can't wait. I think everyones so sick of me going "I CAN'T WAIT!!" at completely random intervals.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

You should be really happy with that camera. I have a funny story about my old digital Kodak camera. Since it is old and compact, I stick it in my horn bag when I ride my horses. However, I always forget that it is in there while I'm lunging them at the trot and lope. By the time I remember it, somehow the jostling always manages to turn the video on and trigger the lens to extend all the way out. Each time I pull it out of the bag, I expect it to be totally broken. However, this thing just won't die. It's pretty tough.

P.S. Your paintball story was awful. Not the the way you told it, but just the fact that this kid has no respect for other people's property and old dad doesn't seem to care. I'll bet he'll care if he's got to pay for the damage.

Sydney said...

I hope they do charge that kid. I can't believe it. I caught him in the barn once petting the horses. I was like uhhh this is private property.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I will not even entertain the thought of buying a professional camera with all those facy expensive lenses. gah! My hubby would probably threaten divorce. hehe!

I'm just so thrilled with my point and shoot Canon Powershot SX110 IS. I haven't even tried it in manual mode. It has tons of cool settings to play with, but I just haven't felt the need or urge yet. There's so much my camera can do all on it's own that I just let it do it's thing, tweaking just a little with macro and zoom. The most important things for me are zoom and mega pixels.

That's another reason I don't see myself buying a bigger camera. I don't have time or interest in learning how to use all those lenses and settings. (Call me a 'techno-antique'. hah!)

And like another blogger had said, I take photos just for fun. If I had a job where someone paid for my photos, then it would be worth it to spend all that money for a professional camera.

Oh. And I like to travel light. I don't even like to carry a purse most of the time. lol!

I'm happy for you that you got the camera you were wanting so badly. And I hope it brings you many hours of fun and awesome photos, too. :)
I look forward to you sharing your photos and newfound photo skills.


Julie said...

Thanks so much for the offer of the riser pad, but what you have is just like what my trainer had and it caused the saddle to shift in the front when we lifted the back. The only possible solution - other that completely restuffing the saddle is to create a sidesaddle wedge pad that is the same side as the sidesaddle and maybe not as high in the it lifts me a little. I'll keep my blog updated with what works and what does not.

Julie said...

Oh yeah - one more thing ...I could not LIVE without my Nikon camera!!!!

Sydney said...

Lisa- A point and shoot camera just wasn't cutting it for me anymore. I've wanted a good professional camera for a long time. I guess now was just the right time. I can't wait. I'm always wanting some way to preserve the pretty things I see around me every day now I'll have a way.

Julie- It's not a very big riser pad not even an inch thick I dont think. I can't seem to find a picture of it or another one like it on the internet :C

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