Monday, May 4, 2009

Long legs

See paint girl you are not the only one that has problems with finding pants that fit! No one believes this girl weighs 130 pounds. Mine always ride about this high when I ride. You should see my struggle to find english breeches that don't sag off my butt or ride up to my knees when I am actually on a horse.

For the wife: Indigo even has her mouth in the process of opening.

Oh, my friends came out. We were scratching horses and as usual terrorizing desensitizing them. Did you know that 4 out of 6 horses are terrified of bubbles?


The Wife said...

Bubbles, really? Never thought about it.

I see that mouth opening!

My problem is my thighs look HUGE when I ride. Maybe it's because they ARE huge?!

Sydney said...

Yeah. They make good photographic points of interest. A big colourful bubble and a horse snorting at it like the bubble has fangs and claws.

lol huge thighs!? You!?

Paint Girl said...

Yep, we have a problem! The Long Leg Syndrome. Wonder if there is a cure?
When I was younger I always wanted to be short, like 5'2" would have been perfect! I am not that tall, it's just my legs, they just keep going and going!

Pony Girl said...

Even though I am short (5'3", on a good day!) I luckily got pretty long legs. I still wear a regular or long length in jeans, and an extra-long in riding jeans! ;)

Sydney said...

The cure?

Cut off our feet?
My feet are a whole nother problem in themselves.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You look great up there with your long legs. I'm just shy of 6' tall, but my legs, although long are not as big an issue as my torso. I always wanted to wear cover-alls, but my torso is so long that they'd make the cover-alls bite me in my hoochie and the straps dig into my shoulders. lol!

And after having 3 kids, my tummy is just not ready for bare-midriff tops, but it's difficult to find tops long enough for my torso. :P

Bubbles. lol!
We entertained all 4 of our horses with bubbles for the equine birthday party a couple of weeks ago. None of them were overly concerned about them. In fact, one, the goofy gelding, actually tried to eat them. lol!

I suppose we lucked out ended up with the 4 horses not terrified of bubbles. hehe


Sydney said...

It was funny. Indigo didn't care about them hitting her she did not want anything to do with them when they came near her face.

Suzy stalked them until they popped and came back for more. Sheba could care less about them. Sebastian was terrified, sophie was startled and all snorty and stormy was like Indigo, not liking them at all when they came close to her head.

Andrea said...

I did not know that about bubbles and horses. I guess I have never tried to blow bubbles around horses.

And I wish I had a problem with pants falling off me. Well, actually I don't have a butt, but my gut does a great job at keeping the pants on!! LOL!!

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

I came on over from the Rough String blog after reading about her colt. Wish I had your legs...I'm 5'2" and my brother is 6'2" go figure! I'll try the bubbles to desensitize....I'm always looking for new things to do. I found a balloon in the pasture the other day with three deflated on a string. The horses didn't even notice it as they were so busy munching on grass! Have a great day! Luanne

Sydney said...

Ballons are mighty fun! I tied a bunch right to the automatic waterer. Indigo just walked up and drank and the rest snorted and blew at them for an hour or so until they decided they were really thirsty.

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