Saturday, May 9, 2009

A few favorite horse things

The cute little/big blood mark on the right side of her neck. Hey it kinda looks like a heart. Awww.

Her unsatisfiable curiosity. Whatcha doin ther?

A soft, kind eye, and the dirt around it. The dirt around the dirt and the dirt on top of dirt on top of dirt. Did I mention she likes to roll in the dirt?

The way she curls her lip up any time there may be food involved

Her need to lick me whenever I am within tongue reach.
(Ignore the compost to the right, we throw it unto the barnyard and that corner by that gate has very nice soil for your garden combined with horse manure)

How cuddly she is. If I were a horse I would not be letting some human hang off my face. Then again if I were a horse I think I might be wild. Wild, crazy and full of random explosive energy.

Have you ever thought what kind of horse (or other animal) personality you would be? Would you be understanding? Wild? unpredictable? Moody? The child's best friend? Or something completely different.
Either way I thank my girly for being all of these, just not at the exact same time.


Paint Girl said...

Love the last picture of you guys! So sweet!

The Wife said...

What kind of animal personality would I have? Probably very silly...and clutzy...but compassionate...and maybe a little moody...oh wait, that's me NOW!!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

She does have a kind eye and nice, long lashes. I'm afraid I'll have to obsess over the animal question. I haven't thought about it, though I did compare myself to a Rattlesnake in my last post.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I this post, Sidney! The pictures made me smile HUGE!
What a great horse your mare is.

If I had to choose which kind of horse I'd be I'd probably want to be different than I am right now as a human.

I'd go for the wild horse running least until a mountain lion showed up anyway. :D


Sydney said...

Glad you guys liked it.

She is a great horse. I think I am understanding her need to spook at bushes a lot more after today. She speaks practically in a whisper until something really upsets her. We had a great day riding bridleless today.

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness, that picture of her with her lip curled up is so stinken adorable!! I love it!! And I am with ya, if I were a horse, I think I would hate to be told what to do and I would be wild with lots of explosive energy too!! Especially if I had one of those owners that just rode every once in a while with huge bits and saddles that don't fit. They would probably end up sending me to the sale barn!! :)

Horses really do put up with a lot from us, don't they? And I have always wanted a horse that loved to be cuddled like that. None of mine like that much. The best I can get is scratching my gelding's face when I take the bridle off.

Way cute pictures!!

Sydney said...

She is. That picture believe it or not was a mistake :o Turned out alright. I think I am going to enter it in the pet idol calendar this year.

Indigo is my only cuddly, touchy, pokey, petty horse. Shes an attention seeker. Shes always interested in what people are about.

The rest of my guys are interested in people and will let people pet/hug/whatever but none are like Indigo. Shes always right in your pocket.

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